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Sekorm Becomes an Agent of Slkor

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Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro.com) introduced its technology from Pusan, Korea at the very beginning. Under the leadership of Mr. Song Shiqiang, “Slkor” brand and products could support the domestication of key links including design IP, wafer, test and package and sales after years of development in the Greater China area. It has become a famous brand of power device domestication, serving more customers. We cooperate with Sekorm E-commerce platform (www.sekorm.com), a famous agent in electronic component industry in order to promote Slkor’s brand influence further and enable terminal customers to know about our products. Therefore www.sekorm.com becomes Slkor’s another agent.


Shiqiang's web page 

Webpage of www.sekorm.com



As a global leading R & D service platform, www.sekorm.com is the agent of 340 top brands, including Silicon Labs, Renesas, ROHM, Vincotech, Vincotech and EPC. Slkor’s decision of entrusting www.sekorm.com as its agent reveals that Slkor could stand in the same line with many world’s famous brands in terms of brand value and quality of power devices. It also provides a chance for Slkor to compete with them. The products of Jun Coax, for whichwww.sekorm.com serves as the agent, such as RF pin (Pogo Pin), RF connector, coaxial connector and non-standard customized connector, could be well matched with the products of Kinghelm (www.bds666.com) such as Beidou GPS antenna , SMA terminal connector, RF pallet and ceramic antenna, so as to provide customers with one-stop services!


slkor micro high voltage MOS field effect transistor 

Slkor’s high-voltage MOS FET



Mr. Song Shiqiang together with Slkor’s core team has proposed very strict requirements for product quality in recent years, ranging from IP design optimization of products, processing of wafer foundry, selection of materials for packaging and appraisal of foundry evaluation. They also give the top priority to product quality, which could be best demonstrated by not only high quality of electronic products but also high recognition from terminal manufacturers and electronic application engineers.


SLKOR Semiconductor issued the agency certificate to Shiqiangchuang 

Agent license granted by Slkor for Sekorm



Mr. Song Shiqiang also attaches great importance to Slkor’s brand influence and layout of its ecological chain. For instance, he adopted both online and offline publicity at the same time. To be specific, its online shops including Baidu, b2b.baidu.com, www.szlcsc.com,www.hqchip.com, www.Ichunt.com, tmall.com, 1688.com and www.sekorm.com while its offline shops include Slkor’s direct-sale store in Huaqiangbei. As a large distribution center of electronic components, Huaqiangbei plays a vital role in boosting Slkor brand and enabling electronic product manufacturers and electronic engineer to take SiC power device products as fast as possible including MOS FET, silicon controlled rectifier (SCR), bridge rectifier, Hall sensor, high-speed optocoupler, IGBT, Schottky diode, ESD electrostatic protection diode, TVS transient suppression diode, general diode and transistors.


Sacco Micro SLKOR Silicon Carbide SiC High Voltage MOS Tube 

Slkor’s SiC high-voltage MOS



As Slkor’s agent, Sekorm(www.sekorm.com)could better publicize Slkor’s semiconductor brand and power devices. In addition to providing agency services for 340 top brands, www.sekorm.com also supplies semiconductor power devices needed by electronic product manufacturers and electronic engineers at home and abroad, including China’s top 2,000 hardware production companies and over 100,000small and medium-sized R & D companies and over 10,000 innovative R & D programs including: Adas, Starlink, optical communication, UAV, industrial robot, laser radar, 5G base station, frequency conversion servo and smart home. This way Slkor could gain popularity among semiconductor start-ups and speeds up the publicity of Slkor brand and application of Slkor semiconductors into new electronic product design, so as to contribute to domestication of semiconductor.


Sac Micro will soon become a strong end customer of e-commerce platform services 

Terminal customers that Slkor will serve in www.sekorm.com



After years of painstaking efforts of Mr. Song Shiqiang and the team, Slkor has become a famous domestication in power device industry. It has also introduced two sets of digital management systems, i.e., LIS and OA, to intensify its development and further exploration in semiconductor industry and take the lead in China’s semiconductor power device industry.


As said by Mr. Song Shiqiang, “we hope that both sides could cooperate smoothly and work together to open a new chapter for electronic component industry and to break the technical restrictions of China’s semiconductor industry by foreign countries!”

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