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Mountain City Chongqing

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The long-awaited National Day holiday is finally here, and this year it coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival, providing us with a rare opportunity to enjoy an extended 8-day break. This allows us ample time to relax, travel, visit relatives, gather with friends, or simply rest. Like many travel enthusiasts, I also planned my holiday trip in advance and chose to visit the mountain city of Chongqing to enjoy its night views and savor its famous hot pot. After a 41-hour drive, upon arrival in Chongqing, I was immediately astounded by the bustling sights before me. The unevenly distributed houses, the densely packed streets, and the brightly lit city all showcased the unique charm of the mountain city to me.


After dropping off our luggage, under a sky full of stars, we made our way to Hongya Cave, the most famous local attraction. The place was teeming with people, and it took quite an effort to queue up and squeeze into an elevator. However, once we reached the base of the building, any complaints we had were cast far away from our minds. The Yangtze River was surging by, with the moon's reflection scattered upon its surface in patches of white light, and the brightly lit boats added to the lively scene. The breeze from the Jialing River, the view from Hongya Cave, it was like a real-life Spirited Away. A paradise on earth with thousands of lights. The night view of the mountain city did not disappoint, well worth the long journey.


Ciqikou was the second stop on our trip to Chongqing. This place is one of the most distinctive areas in Chongqing, where its classical and antiquated charm exudes an elegant aura. Inside the stilted buildings, people were drinking tea and enjoying operas, while the streets were lined with an array of local snacks and souvenirs that caught the eye at every turn. Chongqing small noodles, skewers, and spicy and sour rice noodles are among the must-try local delicacies, and they indeed tasted great. I also bought some Chongqing twisted dough sticks and hot pot seasoning.


The pace of life for the people of Chongqing is leisurely, and they enjoy a rich nightlife. Of course, when in Chongqing, one must have hot pot, as it is the least homage one can pay to the culinary emblem of the city.


A city, a flavor, a city filled with spicy and numbing tastes, is absolutely delightful. As the saying goes, "A hundred miles may not share the same customs, and a thousand miles may not share the same tastes." Indeed, different places have different cuisines. In Chongqing, the nationally renowned delicacy is hot pot. The four most important characteristics of Chongqing hot pot are numbing (má), spicy (là), fresh (xiān), and aromatic (xiāng).


Let's talk about the numbing sensation first. Sichuan peppercorns are the most numbing ingredient in hot pot seasoning. If you accidentally pick up a piece of food wrapped in Sichuan peppercorn, you must be cautious. Don't underestimate these tiny peppercorns; they are the masters of numbness. They explode like a bomb on your taste buds. When you feel the tingling numbness, you can't help but spit out the food in your mouth.


Now, let's discuss spiciness! The real masters of spiciness are the chili peppers jumping among the boiling water bubbles, despite being only 5 to 6 centimeters long. Just a few minutes of eating them can make you feel like it's summer even in the cold winter, leaving you breathless and unable to stop.


As for freshness and aroma, the fresh tripe, tasty duck intestines, and fresh vegetables will make your mouth water. How can one say they are not fresh? Eating Chongqing hot pot, drinking local beer, and making heartfelt friends is the way to go. The forthright nature of Chongqing people is very much like hot pot—intensely hot and spicy, yet endlessly memorable.


The mountain city is beautiful and romantic, though a bit tiring on the feet. The short trip has come to an end. The anticipation I felt when I arrived has been replaced by a sense of belonging as I head home. My journey in Chongqing has ended perfectly. I've visited Hongya Cave, strolled through Ciqikou, seen the Liziba monorail, explored Shapingba, and visited the zoo. I've savored the hot pot, enjoyed the skewers, and tasted the small noodles... I arrived with high spirits and leave thoroughly satisfied. Goodbye Chongqing, goodbye Chongqing hot pot!

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