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Kinghelm and SLKOR team building - Fun BBQ, Cycling around the Lake... Feels Amazing!

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Green waters and lush mountains are indeed invaluable assets. Even in Shenzhen, one can behold such beautiful skies, as long as you are willing to slow down and look up. "Work for a better life" has been the guiding principle upheld by both Kinghelm and SLKOR. General Manager Song Shiqiang hopes employees work diligently during office hours and enjoy their lives after work, stating, "This approach benefits the physical and mental health as well as the long-term development of our employees." To enhance team communication, cohesion, and morale, Kinghelm and SLKOR headquarters have officially scheduled "company-sponsored travel-style team-building activities," which are currently being meticulously prepared.



Huang Dejun, Promotions Manager at Kinghelm and Slkor headquarters, is preparing barbecue ingredients for everyone



The event is organized under the leadership of Huang Dejun, Promotions Manager at headquarters. Eighteen colleagues from the Promotion Department, Foreign Trade Department, Human Resources Department, Business Department, and others have volunteered to participate. The event is scheduled for June 29th. Through collective brainstorming and pooling of wisdom, after prior consultation and gathering of opinions, and strengthened communication throughout the process, a consensus was reached to select a team-building and development site known for its excellent reputation, scenic beauty, proximity, diverse activities, and enjoyable experiences. To enhance comfort and enjoyment during travel, Manager Huang Dejun has arranged in advance four private vehicles, including BMW and Huawei Wanjie M7, for colleagues to travel by self-driving.

Together for Fun! Kinghelm and SlkorMicro June Team-Building Expedition


At 9:00 AM on the 29th, the 18-person convoy departed in succession from the Kinghelm and Slkor Shenzhen headquarters. The journey was bathed in brilliant sunshine, with everyone fully equipped for a relaxed and leisurely trip. Around 10:00 AM, the convoy arrived at the destination, where staff warmly welcomed us. After a comprehensive introduction to the activities and safety precautions, it was time for everyone to enjoy free time. With one hour of leisure, each person found their ideal spot, showcasing cheerful smiles and lively strides, reflecting a joyful mood.


Ⅰ. Leisurely Exploration: Mountain Hiking with Distant Views, Mongolian Archery,Great Scenery, Great Destinations!


1. Mountain hiking with panoramic views


Along the mountain hiking trail, winding upwards, the scenery is a lush organic habitat, featuring valleys, streams, bamboo groves, farmland, houses, and more, all captured in one's view. The natural charm at every turn captivates visitors, with woodland vistas echoing unidentified bird calls and insect chirps. Discovering various wildflowers and engaging in casual chats with passersby enriches the experience, fostering a sense of clarity throughout mind and body.

Mountain hiking with panoramic views, enjoying splendid scenery as far as the eye can see



The descent down the mountain, under overcast skies and light drizzle


2. Mongolian archery


Several colleagues experienced the rich Mongolian archery, where archery combines strength with flexibility, testing the endurance and courage of the archers. In addition, there were activities such as sprawling oxygen bar SPAs, leisurely garden walks, KTV singing, and gaming card matches, offering a diverse range of experiences that left everyone wanting more!


Ⅱ.Most Anticipated: Let's Enjoy a "Fun" BBQ Together!


The carefree and joyful moments are particularly fleeting, and in the blink of an eye, we arrive at the most anticipated activity of this trip - DIY barbecue! Many of the semi-prepared barbecue ingredients were brought by our team themselves. Manager Huang Dejun used his off-duty time to independently complete a series of tasks such as ingredient procurement and storage. To beat the heat, quench our thirst, and counteract the greasiness, bottled water, a variety of fruits, and beverages were all well-prepared. Additionally, colleagues brought along various medications for mosquito repellence, insect bites, heat prevention, and injury prevention. It was through everyone's concerted efforts and mutual dedication that turned "an 18-person self-service barbecue on a scorching summer day" into "a cool summer, let's enjoy a 'fun' barbecue together!"


The semi-prepared barbecue ingredients are diverse, and washing, sorting, and skewering are all done by our own hands


The semi-prepared barbecue ingredients feature a rich variety of meat and vegetarian options, all fresh and of high quality, appealing to both the fairer sex and the handsome gentlemen alike. With a well-coordinated division of labor, our adept female colleagues excel in tasks such as cleaning, sorting, and skewering, while considerate male colleagues quietly take on the more challenging grilling duties, seamlessly passing the baton like in a relay race, tirelessly preparing a variety of delicious treats for everyone! Each one's focused and diligent expression makes us completely forget the summer's high heat, smoke, and sizzling oil splashes. The warm, joyful, and relaxed atmosphere opens everyone's appetite wide, as the appetizing, steaming hot skewers are eagerly consumed, embodying the spirit of finishing every last bit and winning waves of approval.


The male colleagues, akin to a relay race, conscientiously grilled a variety of delicious dishes for everyone


A fun BBQ, cheers


A variety of delicious barbecue dishes, simply unstoppable and irresistible


The atmosphere on site is warm, joyful, and relaxed


Despite sudden strong winds and heavy rain that disrupted our plans, it didn't dampen our spirits at all. In fact, it fueled even greater enthusiasm for the barbecue! With the temperature dropping and the daylight fading, it set the perfect ambiance for our barbecue style!



III. Group Activity: Cycling Around the Lake


Around 4:00 PM in the afternoon, the rain ceased and the sun came out. The weather was humid but not stifling, with occasional refreshing breezes. With such conditions, it's the perfect time for cycling around the lake!


Our cycling journey, with tandem bikes, working together in harmony


The scenery here is splendid; it's truly worth the trip!


The 15-kilometer route around the lake, with its uphill challenges demanding effort and progress, and the downhill stretches offering relaxation and recovery, prompts deep reflections on life. Such experiences are truly valuable and meaningful. Moreover, the breathtaking scenery here, coupled with sweat-drenched clothes, is entirely worthwhile, as everyone agrees, "It's truly been a rewarding journey!"


Gathering together for a day, we returned to Shenzhen. Throughout the day, we bonded with nature, enjoyed DIY barbecues, engaged in recreational activities, and cycled around the lake. It was a blend of individual freedom and group activities, filled with eating, drinking, playing, and returning happily satisfied. The experience was enriching, with plenty to take away! Communication and interaction among us were enhanced. Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net) and Slkor (www.slkoric.com) foster a vibrant and creative team environment. Beyond team-building and expansion activities, we also engage in activities such as the "Weekly Star" selection, participate in the "SiChuan-Chongqing Joint Semiconductor Association" event led by Mr. Song Shiqiang with colleagues from Sichuan and Chongqing, and annually celebrate the traditional "Hometown Cuisine Festival" and host regular tea parties. The company has also formed the "Slkor Warriors Basketball Team" and the "Kinghelm Badminton Team," organizing colleagues for team-building and sports exchanges to promote physical fitness and friendship among employees, keeping the Kinghelm/Slkor team dynamic and vibrant.

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