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An Unusual and Meaningful Evening Party- Sidelights on 2022 Annual Meeting for All Practitioners in Electronic Field from Sichuan & Chongqing

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“Unremitting willingness can be seen everywhere in Sichuan, tough character is reflected by every Chongqing people”, the 2022 Spring Festival annual meeting of practitioners in electronic sector from Sichuan & Chongqing concluded with success. Shenzhen Slkor is the title sponsor of this big event. The successful event was interrupted by COVID-19 for several times so the businesswomen whose hometown is Sichuan Province and Chongqing in Huaqiang North asked me to record this extraordinary evening party by writing an article which is full of different favors and feelings. I could think ofso many people that racked their brains for this party, so many touching affairs and so much WeChat lucky money from sponsors. All of them thrilled me so here I will record this special event by taking several participants as an example. 




Yang Heng from SANGE Industrial

Yang Heng was the host of the party, who is also the boss of SANGE Industrial! SANGE Industrial is a dark house in agency and distribution industry of integrated circuit industry with a sales volume breaking through RMB 1 billion 3 years since its establishment. It is still making development further. Yang Heng is a man from Daba Mountain. Tough and strong, he sang a song Hulunbuir Grasslands in solo and his voice was so clear and attractive that we seemed to be immersed in vast grasslands.

Chairman Yang Heng of SANGE Industrial


Yang Heng is a good host, and a singer, whose signing skills are jokingly stifled selling MCU of Gigadevice. His singing skills rank only second to professionals from Sichuan Conservatory of Music.According to the routine descriptions of Han Qiaosheng, a CCTV host, Yang’s upper and lower lips could always bring full of witty remarks. With a high volume and speed, he presided over the party even with some Sichuan dialects, which made the party reach the first climax all of sudden.



Everybody ate, drank, sang and danced happily together with the dancers on the stage after being stimulated by the classic flavor of Sichuan sausages, Chongqing multi-flavor lima bean, Qinghualang liquor and many other local specialties, all of which could remind them of their home. The scene was so joyous and amazing that all participants could totally forget the adverse influence brought by COVID-19. I, as the main organizer of the party, sat at the corner of the hall quietly and felt rest assured upon experiencing the unusual feelings on site. I was so happy that I started to eat and drink with others. How joyous the site is!

Hosts XieJiarong, Yang Heng and Wang Yawen


Brother Bo and Me

Brother Bo and I were responsible for the planning and organization of this party under the recommendation of all participants. The full name of Brother Bo is Wu Bo, the vice-president of the fastest growing Lichuang E-commerce and an elite in the electronics industry who achieves successes one after another. I was the so-called director, the owner of the title sponsor Slkor and Kinghelm. I run business in Huaqiang North with excellent eloquence and sophisticated interpersonal relationships with friends there, including businesswomen.


Brother Bo and me

 Wu Bo could write very excellent articles, which can be as gentle as “fragrance of flowers in the hall intoxicated innumerable gusts”, and as sharp as “a sharp sword swept across many different places”. His words and citation were reasonable and appropriate. His talents could even affect the stock price of many listed enterprises. I am also very popular in Huaqiang North with my excellent eloquence, and could make friends, whatever their personality and characters. I have known and become friends of businessmen in Huaqiang North in different sizes and genders. That’s how I accumulate my interpersonal resources!

Both Brother Bo and I take prevalence in Huaqiang North, and we also appreciate each other, such as Bo’s meticulous characters, my peaceful state of mind, etc. We worked together to organize the party successfully. Brother Bo said we should follow the rules of business while dealing with business while I said the party is a golden chance for us to meet each other. This year marks the 2nd party and I sincerely hope that all of us could give strong support to contribute to our friends in electronic sector from Sichuan and Chongqing. The party will be held continuously and better!

“Attractive and Elegant” Beauties

In the party there was a special link of “attractive and elegant” beauties show. These beautieshave not only good looks but also high working competence. They are businessmen or business backbones, who are competent for work and manage their home well. Some of them are still single girls! Contact Brother Bo and me to be your matchmaker!

Traditional Chinese costumes show

Xie Jiarong and Wang Yawen, two of the beauties, were also the hosts of the party. They worked together with Yang Heng, and reflected their dignified and magnanimous style and typical features of women from Sichuan and Chongqing. Xie Jiarong is the owner of Zhongxinzhixian Company and Wang Yawen is the owner of a trading company, a senior lecturer of Alibaba and a remuneration management adviser of medium and small-sized enterprises. They are surely competent women in the industry!



The first beauty is Pu Jianrong, the wife of the boss of Dawei Tech, a company specialized in sales of ST MCU. I jokingly called her Sister P, who has a high horizon, peaceful mind and warm heart. She played as Empress Wu in the show and appeared the last as the biggest hit. Sister P, dressed in phoenix coronet and robes of rank, was so charming and magnificent that she did attract all businessmen in Huaqiang North. Mr. Jiang Xiangyang from RuiCai Electronics could not help asking for her contacts!

“Sister P” Pu Jianrong (in the middle)


Another beauty Zhao Yanni, who was called “a woman boos in Huaqiang North”, was so busy with her business in Huaqiang North that she failed in her dream of traveling around the world. Her business about sales of Huada’s MCU in Huaqiang North was quite profitable. From her address we could know she did a lot of preparations for this show. All the rest beauties all had their own characteristics, making the party a wonderful and joyous one.

All the beauties gave an excellent Cheongsam Show last year but this year they brought a stunning traditional Chinese costumes show! Huang Yi was the organizer and the most gorgeous one among all the beauties. She was also the financial director of the party! Her company, Shenzhen Seaward Electronics Co., Ltd., enjoys a good reputation in the power industry. She also presided over the Gold Draw activity, with astonishing performance!


Huang Yi was hosting a children's program



Brother Wei and Han Qing from Chengdu

Brother Wei’s name is Huang Wei (Not Yang Wei), the owner of Chengdu Jihe Industry Technology Co.,Ltd. We extend our thanks to him for coming to Shenzhen from Chengdu. He said the reason why he moved here is that he was tired of eating spicy hot pot at Hehua Pond in Chengdu and wanted to try snacks in Shenzhen. He gave a hug for me. With a big belly, he was always funny. He asked me for a license of agent for Slkor, because of his efforts in helping sell Slkor’s Mos tubes worth RMB 1 million. Brother Wei also proposed a toast with me tonight, because he committed to help sell Kinghelm’s Beidou B3 frequency antenna worth RMB 1 million to military enterprises and research institutions.

Brother Wei and Wang Bi


Zhang Hanqing from Chengdu Novusem also came to the site, even if he knew he might be quarantined due to COVID-19. The company is also engaged in SiC MOS tube and power elements, the same as Slkor. We exchanged with each other in depth to seek for further development after the party!

Mr. Know-all in Huaqiang North

Quan Xiuyu is surely a popular figure in Huaqiang North and he has been granted a nickname called Mr. Know-all in Huaqiang North by me. Mr. Quan is the gold salesmen of HQEW with a warm heart, and quick action and mind. He is one of my best friends and also a popular guy in Huaqiang North.


Mr. Know-all in Huaqiang North


Mr. Quan joined the committee in order to learn some knowledge and improve himself. He communicated and coordinated with others to hold the party for two sessions with joint efforts. With the typical character of Wanzhou people, he also persuaded his wife to join this big event!

Xu Hong, CEO of Dajiayuan Procurement Network


After climax one after another, a special person called Xu Hong appeared, who was the CEO of Dajiayuan Procurement Network and known as Hong in electronics industry. She suffered from cancer and established Dajiayuan Procurement Network, which is a large-scale public beneficial platform for releasing information of electronic elements and followed mainly by procurers of terminal factories. When any procurer met with difficulties, they preferred to turn to “Hong” for help. Standing at the center of the stage dressing in red suit, she said that she was lucky to attend this ceremony after going through 20 times radiotherapy and chemotherapy. She donated RMB 10,000 to the party, and in response, the committee gave her the honor to draw the special prize. All the present guests wished her great success in business and healthy and happy to create another miracle in life. We hope she can be better, just as the color of “red” in her name and coat conveys.


Under the proposal Brother Bo and me, all committee members and logistics workers came to the stage to sing My Country and I with all guests. They extended wholehearted thanks to all entrepreneurs supporting this party and everyone from other chambers of commerce attending this annual meeting. The party was ended with success and everyone also longs for it in the coming year!



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