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An Interview with Song Shiqiang from Slkor: How Slkor win a bigger market by using its strengths? (8)

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Interviewee: Song Shiqiang, founder of Slkor


Topic: Development history of Slkor


Interviewer: Shenzhen Economic Daily


Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (Slkor) endeavors to explore the market of NEVs and solar photovoltaic products. As said by Song, “Despite the low demand of Sic MOS on NEVs market at present, Slkor shows a positive attitude towards the development space and market potential of NEVs. Furthermore, the technique of SiC power device manufacturing could also be applied to other new products. For Slkor, the translation of relevant techniques also yields good effect. SiC MOS tube’s market prospect in solar voltage, inverter, charging pile, vehicle-mounted charger, electric motorcycle and high-power wireless charging is huge. These markets pose lower requirements than that of NEVs market but the market potential is large. The 3rd generation of semiconductor GaN belongs to the same type with SiC, and it sells well in RF switch and fast charging markets with a promising development prospect


Mr. Song gave his answer to 11 questions about Slkor’s development history when having an interview with the senior journalist Huang Qingshan from Shenzhen Economic Daily several days ago.


Song Shiqiang, founder of Slkor


Q8: Domestic enterprises still have big gap with overseas ones in market position of semiconductor power device, so what do you think of our strengths and weaknesses under a favorable domestic market status? How Slkor can obtain a bigger market by developing its strength and avoiding its weakness?


A: Our domestic companies still has a wide gap with overseas ones in terms of high-end power devices. For instance, we mainly import the power devices of NEVs and some industrial and special products from foreign semiconductor factories such as Infineon, ST, Mitsubishi and ABB. The products of our domestic brands such as CR Microelectronics, BASiC Semiconductor, Silan, BYD and Slkor are still in medium and low-end ones in the field above fields but we are excellent in solar photovoltaic and fast charging industry. We still have a big gap with overseas companies in high-end products but we’re trying to improve ourselves gradually. We have a large market and this is our strength that enables us to realize fast development.


Slkor will still focus on the emerging market of power devices and scenarios that giant companies at home and abroad have no willingness for. We’re a new small company, so all these scenarios may bring us chances. We’ll also enrich variety of products and have decided to develop new products such as Hall sensor and power management IC. All these products will drive our profit growth and enterprise progress. With rich variety of power devices, large market scale and sufficient time, the market will surely cultivate more and better enterprises.


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