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Interview on 2019 Delicacy Management and Innovation of Enterprises (1)

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Interviewee: Song Shiqiang, the founder of Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd.


Details of the interview:


1. The founder’s career development history and entrepreneurial motivation


I’m one of China’s first batch of professional managers engaged in residential industrialization at that time. I also used to be the CEO of a listed company and started to engage in Beidou industry since 2010. When considering changing my profession, I analyzed the macro-economic trend in order to know the sustainability of the specific industry that I would go for. According to the macro data that year, China’s per capita dwelling area was higher than the word’s average level. It means the significant urban development was a history and only small-scale and scattering urbanization is in process. What’s why I changed my profession to Beidou in electronic industry. I knew the industry would be developed further for at least 20 years.


2. Kinghelm’s strategic orientation, corporate positioning, business mode, etc.


We’re focusing on the R & D and production of IoT products at present. We provide a series of electronic components of “Kinghelm” brand. These products are used in many different fields such as satellite navigation, positioning services, IoT, smart city, NEVs and logistics information monitoring and settlement (www.bds666.com). In terms of strategy, we switch our attention to auto electronic market. With a long importing time and high product requirements, auto industry could enhance Kinghelm’s new product R & D capacity and product quality on the contrary, and also improve the company’s core competitiveness.

We purchased one antenna manufacturing plant in Tangxia, Dongguan City last year. For the development of manufacturing industry, we must go step by step. We hope to dock with capital market in the future. We have two companies in total, Kinghelm and Slkor, in order to lower development risks, because a single product or a single industry is more risky. We can also cultivate our small ecology focusing on NEVs so as to realize the effect of mutual assistance. We could combine the new products with a huge investment and long cycle with those with a short cycle so that they could be combined perfectly. Our clients are auto factories, such as SINOTRUK, BYD and Skywell.


Both my company and I highlight technology. Personally speaking, I stress both technology and management. For electronic manufacturing industry, we should highlight not only technology but also details. We also need to formulate the specific standards and processes. The formulation of standards and processes are very important, because they can improve working efficiency and reduce costs. Standardization could also reduce quality and operation risks and excessive dependence on core employees. In my opinions, standardization includes five steps. Step 1: Task breakdown; Step 2: Data extraction; Step 3: Process optimization; Step 4: Data fixing; Step 5: Detail optimization.


Both brands and channel need cultivating. Our “Beidou experts” official account and website could also be used for publicizing our brands and channels. We could support our agents via advanced technologies, high quality services and high-end brands, and dock with and optimize their existing advantageous channels. The above will finally bring win-win to us and our agents.


3. What’re the key points or turn points of your career? What difficulties did you encounter and how did you resolve them?


Running an enterprise needs a lot of efforts. Frankly speaking, key points are everywhere. Despite so many difficulties, I still need to set my mind to my business. I worked in real estate industry so I had no professional knowledge, news about the industry, interpersonal relationship, etc. required for the industry. To realize development, I need to go forward step by step and overcome difficulties one after another. Big problems mean larger development indeed.


The development of both enterprises and industry needs a certain cycle so accomplishment overnight seems impossible. We must know the rules and essence, work hard, and improve our weaknesses, whatever the industry. The wisdom and strength of our team support us to forge ahead toward our goal step by step. Whoever ignores rules, pursues instant success and shows a positive attitude blindly will be a loser finally. The best way for development is to define our development orientation and work in a down-to-earth manner. That’s our practice actually.


4. What’s your management style? How do you shoulder responsibilities for shareholders, cooperate with your management team and manage your subordinates?


I manage the company with both time and energy and mainly from several aspects, including strategy, team, products, brand, channel and customers.


Our management style is simplicity and agility so that we could behave and work with a clear mind. Shareholders’ investment is used for key and required purpose. I believe we do well in cooperating with our management team and subordinate management. In other words, I must be self-disciplined and set a typical example for others. We care our colleagues’ work and life so as to ensure our executive force and struggle.


We believe professional things must be done by professional people. Our backbone team members are from major companies of the industry and we’re here for the shared goal. Our several deputy general managers and directors have rich experience in the industry, such as frontline working experience of scientific research, technical and management experience of giant companies in the industry. We have cultivated a very powerful team by the mode of internal training and external recruitment. We also allocate our shares to our employees so that we could share the same goal and work together seamlessly for a better future.

Training is very important in my opinion. We have monthly and weekly trainings. We also organize some general teambuilding activities to relax ourselves, enhance communication among colleagues and build a team with wolf spirit.


5. How do you see entrepreneurship? What do you think of the industry trend and market environment and specific demands?


In my opinion, entrepreneurs need to connect all social resources available to produce products for our society and distribute the profits earned in the process above, such as distribution to shareholders and team members. Entrepreneurship means running an enterprise well and benefiting our country, the society and of course our shareholders to create wealth and value for the society and boost social development and progress constantly.


We focus on each product and each detail and always verify them from different aspects for many times. We must ensure our products could always work well, whatever changes along with times. For example, we studied and modified our vehicle-mounted Beidou products with our customers for many times before finalizing the design. For manufacturing industry, we must be always concentrated, professional and determined and have the willingness to realize our goal whatever difficulties. The above are all the required characters of entrepreneurship. We have been progressing. We’re determined to explore further as long as our development orientation is determined, whatever the external environment.


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