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Transient suppression diode TVS selection

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1.png                                                                    The advantages of TVS tubes:
1. The response speed is extremely fast (Ps level); 2. The breakdown voltage ranges from 6.12V to 550V; 3. The clamping voltage is more accurate.

 Disadvantages of TVS tube:
1. Compared with ESD, the junction capacitance is relatively large (tens of pF~hundreds of nF); 2. The flow rate is smaller than that of discharge tube and varistor (0.52~544A).

Selection of TVS tube:
1. The clamping voltage VC (MAX) is not greater than the maximum allowable safe voltage of the back-end circuit;
2. The maximum reverse working voltage VRWM is not lower than the maximum working voltage of the circuit. Generally, VRWM can be selected to be equal to or slightly higher than the maximum working voltage of the circuit;
3. The rated maximum pulse power must be greater than the maximum transient surge power in the circuit;
4. When the TVS tube is used, it is generally connected in parallel to the protected circuit.

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