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MMBTA06 NPN Bipolar Transistor SOT-23 MMBTA06 NPN Bipolar Transistor SOT-23 MMBTA06 NPN Bipolar Transistor SOT-23
MMBTA06 NPN Bipolar Transistor SOT-23






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The MMBTA06 is a small-signal NPN bipolar junction transistor (BJT) renowned for its versatility and reliability in electronic circuits. Packaged in the popular SOT-23 format, this transistor offers robust performance with a collector-emitter voltage (Vceo) rating of 80V, a maximum collector current (Ic) of 600mA, and a power dissipation (Pd) of 225mW. It boasts a transition frequency (fT) of 100MHz, making it suitable for applications requiring efficient switching and moderate frequency amplification.


● Type: NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor
● Package: SOT-23 (Surface Mount)
● Vceo (Collector-Emitter Voltage): 80V
● Ic (Collector Current): 600mA
● Pd (Power Dissipation): 225mW
● fT (Transition Frequency): 100MHz
● High Voltage Rating: Suitable for circuits requiring up to 80V collector-emitter voltage.
● Moderate Current Handling: Capable of handling currents up to 600mA, ideal for small to medium signal amplification.
● Compact Size: SOT-23 package ensures space-efficient integration into circuit designs.
● Broad Frequency Response: With an fT of 100MHz, it supports applications demanding fast switching and moderate frequency amplification.

The MMBTA06 transistor finds applications across various electronic sectors, including:

● Switching Circuits: Used in logic gates, digital switching circuits, and relay drivers due to its efficient switching characteristics.
● Amplification: Ideal for low to medium frequency amplification in audio amplifiers, signal processing circuits, and sensor interfaces.
● Voltage Regulation: Integrated into voltage regulator circuits for stable power supply outputs in consumer electronics and industrial equipment.
● Radio Frequency (RF) Circuits: Suitable for RF applications such as RF amplifiers and oscillators where moderate frequency response is required.


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