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SS8550 PNP Bipolar Transistor SOT-23 SS8550 PNP Bipolar Transistor SOT-23 SS8550 PNP Bipolar Transistor SOT-23
SS8550 PNP Bipolar Transistor SOT-23





VCE(sat)@Ic,Ib: 500mV@800mA,80mA


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The SS8550 is a versatile PNP bipolar junction transistor designed for various low-power switching and amplification applications. With a maximum collector-emitter voltage (Vceo) of 25V and a collector current (Ic) rating of 1.5A, it offers reliable performance in compact electronic circuits. Its low collector-emitter saturation voltage (VCE(sat)) ensures efficient switching even at moderate currents, making it suitable for diverse electronic designs.


● High Collector Current.

● Complementary to SS8050.

The SS8550 transistor is ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

● Switching Circuits: Suitable for low-power switching applications due to its low VCE(sat) and high current handling capability.
● Amplification: Used in audio amplifiers, signal amplification circuits, and other low to medium power amplification applications.
● Control Circuits: Effective in controlling electrical signals in various industrial and consumer electronics.
● General Purpose: Versatile enough to be used in DC gain stages, voltage regulators, and other general-purpose circuits where PNP transistors are required.


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