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What are the differences between IGBT single tube and MOS tube?

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What is the difference between IGBT and MOS?


How to distinguish IGBT single tube from MOS tube? We can analyze it from the following three points.

1. structurally, taking n-type channel as an example, the difference between IGBT and MOS tube is that the substrate of MOS tube is n-type and that of IGBT is p-type.

2. In principle, IGBT is equivalent to the combination of MOS tube and bipolar device. Hole injection in the back side of P-type layer reduces the on-resistance of the device, but it also introduces some problems such as tailing current.

3. From the perspective of products, IGBT is generally used for high-voltage power products, ranging from 600 volts to several thousand volts; The application voltage of MOS tube is relatively low, from 10V to 1000V.

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