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SLKOR sharing more common switching power topology (2)

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The switching power topology is not unfamiliar to the electronic engineer. There are about 14 kinds of basic topology maps, each of which has its own characteristics and applicable occasions. In addition, more topology composition is also the combination or deformation of these basic types. The following two are more common to understand the working principles and basic characteristics of their circuit structure.

1. Buck buck    

Features: ■ Steps the input down to a lower voltage ■ Possibly the simplest circuit ■ Inductor/capacitor filter smooths out the switched square wave ■ Output is always less than or equal to input ■ Input current discontinuity (chopping)

■ Output current smoothing


二、Buck-Boost 降压-升压    

Features: ■ Alternative arrangement of inductors, switches and diodes ■ Combines the disadvantages of buck and boost circuits ■ Input current is discontinuous (chopping) ■ Output current is also discontinuous (chopping) ■ Output is always the same as the input Reverse (note the polarity of the capacitors), but the magnitude can be smaller or larger than the input ■ "Flyback" converters are actually buck-boost circuit isolated (transformer coupled) forms.

The above are the common switching power supply topologies, and there are many other topologies, but most of them are combinations or deformations of the topologies described here. Each topology contains unique design trade-offs. Share with you one after another.

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