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Basic Introduction of Siko Micro Switch Power Supply Top Tortue Composition (5)

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To choose a proper topology, it is very important to be familiar with the advantages, disadvantages and application fields of different topologies. The wrong choice will make the diet design doomed to failure from the beginning. There are roughly 14 kinds of power switch topology, and other power switch topology diagrams are only combinations or variations of these 14 kinds. Here are two basic topology diagrams to help the system master the working principle and basic characteristics of each circuit structure.

 Features: ■ The topology of higher power converters is very common. ■ Switch (FET) drives different phases and performs pulse width modulation (PWM) to adjust the output voltage. ■ Good utilization ratio of transformer core-power transmission in both half cycles. And the utilization ratio of primary winding is better than that of push-pull circuit. ■ Full-wave topology, so the output ripple frequency is twice that of the transformer. ■ The voltage applied to the FET is equal to the input voltage.

二、SEPIC single-ended primary inductor converter   

■ The output voltage can be larger or smaller than the input voltage.
■ Like the boost circuit, the input current is smooth, but the output current is discontinuous. ■ Energy is transferred from the input to the output through a capacitor. ■ Two inductors are required.These are the common switching power supply topologies, and there are many topologies, but most of them are combinations or variations of the topologies described here. Each topology contains unique design trade-offs, and Sacco Wei has also done some sorting, which will be shared with you one after another in the future.

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