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Introduction of Sarki WeChat on the topic of basic switching power supply topics (4)

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There are various topology diagrams of switching power supplies in the market, but it is not difficult to find out after summarizing and sorting out. In fact, there are only 14 kinds, and the others are the combination or deformation of these 14 topology diagrams. Next, I will share with you the topology diagrams of two kinds of switching power supplies.

 Features: ■ Transformer coupling form of step-down circuit. ■ Discontinuous input current and smooth output current. ■ Because the transformer is used, the output can be larger or smaller than the input, and it can be of any polarity. ■ Multiple outputs can be obtained by adding secondary windings and circuits. ■ The transformer core must be demagnetized in each switching cycle. The common practice is to add a winding with the same number of turns as the primary winding. ■ The energy stored in the primary inductor during the switch-on phase is released through additional windings and diodes during the switch-off phase.


Features: ■ The switch (FET) drives different phases, and carries out pulse width modulation (PWM) to adjust the output voltage. ■ Good utilization ratio of transformer core-power transmission in both half cycles. ■ Full-wave topology, so the output ripple frequency is twice that of the transformer. ■ The voltage applied to the FET is twice the input voltage.These are the common switching power supply topologies, and there are many topologies, but most of them are combinations or variations of the topologies described here. Each topology contains unique design trade-offs, and Sacco Wei has also done some sorting, which will be shared with you one after another in the future.

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