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Xin Zhacha was awarded the 2021 "Big Data Platform of the Excellent Electronic Information Industry" award

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  On November 4, 2021, the 2021 Global Distribution and Supply Chain Leadership Summit and the Global Component Distributor Excellence Award Ceremony hosted by ASPENCORE, a well-known media group in the global electronic technology field, was grandly held in Shenzhen. The event invited many domestic and foreign industry elites , well-known experts and scholars attended. With its leading digital technology innovation strength, Xinchacha was selected for the first time in the Outstanding Performance Award of Global Electronic Components Distributors, and won the "Excellent electronic information industry big data platform" award.


The Global Electronic Components Distributor Excellence Award was established in 2001 and has been highly respected by the industry for 20 years. This award aims to recognize outstanding leaders in supporting the development of the electronic industry. , European website user groups jointly selected the winners. The selection result of the "Excellent Electronic Information Industry Big Data Platform" award is a high recognition of Xinchacha, and it also shows to the industry that the digital transformation of the industry has entered a new stage, and digital technologies such as industrial integration of advanced big data and artificial intelligence are increasingly becoming a key to the sustainable development of the industry.

Mr. Bi Fenglei, deputy general manager of CLP Port, general manager of Ai Siyi, and chief product officer of Xinchacha, said that the current process of industrial digitalization is accelerating, the dependence on data is increasing, and the complexity of the association of large amounts of data needs to be optimized. Enterprises urgently need Use the breadth and depth of digital technology platforms to collect and sort out industry data and information. In this context, Xinchacha came into being.

Xinchacha builds its own big data platform of components for the R&D, production and procurement of industry customers. Through refined data analysis services, it helps managers to complete intelligent decision-making and helps customers develop rapidly in the new industrial field in the era of big data. .

Since its launch on March 1 this year, the electronic information industry data engine Electronic Man's digital home Xinchacha APP has gathered a large amount of chip model data, Datasheet data, selected alternative materials, a massive list of control materials, and tens of thousands of videos. Courses and programs, gathering popular live broadcasts in the industry, etc., to provide electronic information industry practitioners with chip checking, price checking, finding alternatives, checking programs, checking courses, checking/checking live broadcasts, checking companies, checking agents, checking patents, checking information, checking Exhibition and other information data. At the same time, the APP also launched the Xinchacha Mall section, which provides an industry third-party online trading mall for suppliers and buyers. The cyborg social metaverse "X Planet" in the APP is to create an exclusive social circle for cyborgs to promote communication and expand contacts, and to provide a multi-functional platform integrating data, social interaction and trading for the domestic semiconductor industry chain.

The   xinchacha APP has been launched on the Apple and Android application markets. The version will continue to be upgraded, and the amount of data and functions will continue to increase. Real-time, complete and authoritative industry data will help the development of the electronic information industry.

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