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What is a two -way IGBT?

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What is bidirectional IGBT?

Bi-directional IGBT is a new type of bi-directional IGBT power semiconductor device with five layers and four segments, which is put forward by the industry in view of some shortcomings of conventional IGBT in various applications. Its core is to adopt a symmetrical mechanism based on planar gate IGBT and a bidirectional input control method to achieve the purpose of bidirectional control of the new device. Bidirectional IGBT module is a very effective method to realize high frequency matrix converter. Unlike hard-switching PWM converters, the switching and conduction losses in matrix converters depend on the selected modulation strategy.
Bidirectional IGBT can realize bidirectional conduction and bidirectional blocking, and its forward and reverse blocking voltages can reach the same level, which is more suitable for matrix converter. Two diodes can be saved. From the static and dynamic characteristics of bidirectional IGBT, it can be concluded that the electrical characteristics of bidirectional IGBT have good symmetry in both directions. As can be seen from the figure below, when Ice=2A, the top and bottom DC voltages of the device are Vce=4.4V and Vce=4.2V, respectively. The DC voltages at the top and bottom of the device do not match, and the mismatch rate is about 4.6%.

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