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SLKOR compare switching power source topology introduction (1)

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What is topology? The so-called circuit topology is the connection method of the power devices and the electromagnetic components in the circuit, and the design of the magnetic components, the design of the closed-loop compensation circuit, and the design of all other circuit components depend on the topology. The most basic topologies are buck, boost and boost/buck, asymmetric flyback, forward, push-pull, half-bridge and full-bridge converters .

There are about 14 common topologies for switching power supply topologies, each with its own characteristics and applicable occasions. The principle of selection is to see whether it is high-power or low-power, high-voltage or low-voltage output, and whether there are as few components as possible.

Therefore, to properly choose a topology, it is important to be familiar with the advantages, disadvantages and application areas of different topologies. The wrong choice can make diet design doomed from the start. The following summarizes 20 basic switching power supply topologies to help the system grasp the working principle and basic characteristics of each circuit structure.


一、Boost 升压    
  Features: ■ Raises input to a higher voltage ■ Same as buck, but rearranges inductors, switches and diodes ■ Output is always greater than or equal to input (ignoring diode forward voltage drop) ■ Input current smoothing ■ The output current is discontinuous (chopping) 2. Flyback flyback 

Features: ■ Works like a buck-boost circuit, but the inductor has two windings, acting as both transformer and inductor ■ The output can be positive or negative, depending on the polarity of the coil and diode. ■ The output voltage can be greater or less than the input voltage, determined by the transformer turns ratio. ■ This is the simplest of the isolated topologies ■ Add secondary windings and circuits for multiple outputs

  The above are the common switching power supply topologies, and there are many other topologies, but most of them are combinations or deformations of the topologies described here. Each topology contains unique design trade-offs. Share with you one after another.

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