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The application of silicon carbide power semiconductor in new energy vehicles

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At the "2021 CIAS China International Automotive-grade Power Semiconductor Annual Conference" held before, Dr. Lei Guangyin from Fudan University gave a speech entitled "Application of Silicon Carbide Power Semiconductors in New Energy Vehicle Motor Controllers", mainly from SiC Power semiconductor technology advantages; electronic control R&D focus and challenges; development direction and prospect.  
        Dr. Lei Guangyin, Fudan University      
    In the report, Dr. Lei Guangyin boldly predicted that in the future, SiC MOSFETs will gradually replace some Si IGBTs as the main power devices in drive motor controllers; The development direction of control is higher power density and higher system integration; domestic SiC design and manufacturing are progressing rapidly, device characteristics have reached or approached the international leading level, and SiC MOSFET mass production is coming soon.

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