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1000W High-power density AC/DC case switch power supply, solve the demand for high-power market-LMF1000-20BXX series

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Product introduction
   According to the market demand, jinshengyang broadened the power section of chassis switching power supply, and this time launched the latest kilowatt-class high-power chassis power supply-LMF1000-20b series. Now, the power section of chassis switching power supply has been widened to 15-1000W, meeting the different power requirements of various application scenarios.

This series has the characteristics of small volume (190*127*40.5mm), high power density, intelligent wind control, parallel power increase, etc. It meets IEC/UL/EN 62368, GB 4943, IEC/ES/EN 60601 and other standards, and can be widely used in industrial control systems, automation machinery, measurement and control instruments, medical treatment (meeting medical certification), etc.

Advantages and features of products

Small size, high power density

Only volume:190*127*40.5mm, power density up to 17.22W/inch3;

Wide operating temperature range: -40℃ to +70℃

High reliability and long service life

A. the isolation withstand voltage of the product is 4000VAC, and the design meets the safety standards of iec/ul/en62368, gb4943, iec/es/en60601, etc.

B. Vibration resistance, 10 to 500Hz, 5 g for 10 minutes/cycle, X, Y and Z axes for 60 minutes each;

C.5-year warranty and long life;

D. Complete protection functions such as short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature;

E. the power can be increased in parallel, meeting the requirements of customer system redundancy design.

energy saving and environmental protection

A. The efficiency is as high as 94%;

B. High power factor (230Vac full load PF: 0.99Typ);

C. Intelligent wind speed control.

Help digitalization

A. remote control on and off;

B.DC OK monitoring;

C.I2C communication;

D.PMBus protocol;

E. remote Sense compensation function.
   Meet EMI Class B bare metal

product application  

It can be widely used in industrial control systems, automatic machinery, laser instruments, aging equipment, measurement and control equipment, medical treatment and other fields.

Product features

  • Input voltage range: 90-264VAC/120-390VDC Operating temperature range: -40℃ to +70℃ Intelligent wind speed control Remote switch on and off, digital communication Support 3+1 parallel redundancy, current sharing accuracy: < 5% Application at 5000m altitude High power density The bare metal EMI meets CISPR32/EN55032 CLASS B .. Meet IEC/UL/EN62368, GB4943 and IEC/ES/EN60601 standards.

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