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SIC MOSFET's interesting IP story set — Bingfeeling half -bag, Romm Shuanglou, residents' grounds, and ge who lying down

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Study notes of an amateur of silicon carbide chips. Literature collation, industry news, occasional gains, unconstrained style. WeChat official account belongs to personal study notes, only for personal hobbies, and does not involve any commercial purpose. Please forgive me if there are any irregular quotations in the text. Some people's hobbies are raising flowers and grass, singing and fishing, while others like to write Twiter blog in Tik Tok. In recent years, I like to occasionally read books and brush paper on weekends to see the development of cutting-edge materials and device technologies.

Inscription: Do something interesting and be an interesting soul.

  I talked a few words about the gossip of Romm's double groove IP lawsuit, and found that there are quite a few interested friends. Many exchanges and questions can't be answered one by one. Then keep chatting.

   Actually, there is not much to talk about these trench structure patents. As we all know, there is no way. This is the early start of the worm, which is similar to seizing domain name registration in earlier years.We're all a few years late.

    These trench structures are all basic structures. Sometimes it looks like a kind of special beauty. If you look closely, it is especially symmetrical.Imagine making a permutation and combination of these structures and recombining them in three-dimensional space … isn't it interesting!

   That's why it's always said that the three structures, "Infineon half package, Roma double trench, Sumitomo grounding double buried" are the basic structures.Isn't it interesting? Unfortunately, according to the international patent law, permutation and combination doesn't work!Otherwise, Rohm can easily integrate a Schottky diode next to the double trench, so we don't have to go to court so hard!

This lawsuit seems to be endless. This also fully proves from the side how rare the really useful patent IP of silicon carbide trench structure is!Especially, there are more and more silicon carbide devices now. Many of the original silicon IGBT and CoolMOS are turned into silicon carbide diodes and planar MOSFET, and the products are basically produced in minutes.In this case, the IP of silicon carbide trench structure is precious!

    I once wanted to start a business. Especially after running a school in Schottky Street, I think that since I can almost finish all the work from layout design to process integration and development by myself, I can find some money to try!After reading the development history and patentee of each structure a little, we found that there are many similarities between the structure development of special SiC and the structure and technology development of the seventh generation of silicon IGBT!

Surprisingly, the source of many structure and process IP is actually at GE!I once thought that there was no patent problem in planar MOS, but now I'm not sure. I don't know when it's time to read all those patents of GE and Japanese groups!

Moreover, Japan is a group battle, which is complementary to the patent layout. Very useful!For example, I used to think that compared with Infineon half-package and Rohm double-trench, actually adding some materials and powder to Sumitomo's grounded double-buried IP would be a good breakthrough for IP with trench structure. There's still a lot to do. And in the future, it won't be as conspicuous and easy to be sued as Infenion half bag and double groove.However, in the last two years, while Rohm was engaged in a lawsuit, it was found that the Japanese Denso Fuji RomToyota companies were roaring for patents, embroidering wildly on the original structures, checking for defects and catching up leaks. It's like trying to build a few more tall buildings in the ditch. For example, there are seventeen or eight variants and combinations of the grounding double-burying structure.

    In September of this year, I heard that Sanan also wanted to start developing silicon carbide trench MOSFET, but the patent of trench structure could not be avoided. Finally, I simply chose to make one first. So I recruited a doctor directly from Beijing Institute of Microelectronics, and began to imitate the trench structure.

   It's not too far. I just wanted to talk about GE. This is the real silicon carbide IP magnate. However, silicon carbide devices are a small business for GE, and GE has little interest. Even GE, the profiteering medical equipment, is too lazy to take a reason. It's hard to tell what the situation of GE is now.

     GE is splitting up in the past two weeks. Maybe after the distribution, GE POWER can start a small business slowly, or silicon carbide devices.After all, now we have to go Dutch for dinner.

   GE should be interested in high-power devices. After separation, it may be necessary to divest and re-list. SiC is a valuable tool! It can be seen by looking at GE POWER's enthusiastic promotion of China's development recently.

   If GE POWER really starts to be independent and seek to be listed separately, then power chips and SiC Power devices should be a good port for a fresh start.

 The timing is just right for GE POWER.As it happens, silicon carbide is extremely hot, and all players are especially rich.Maybe GE POWER can start harvesting leeks like Qualcomm and become an IP provider of POWER.

For a century-old enterprise,The story of separation has just begun, and the future will be brilliant, who knows!

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