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IGBT chip brief history (2)

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Debut -IGBT5


"local gold" chip


Gate+Field Cut-off+Surface Covered with Copper

IGBT5 is the most popular product in all IGBT series. Other chips are metallized with aluminum, while IGBT uses thick copper instead of aluminum. The current capacity and heat capacity of copper are far superior to aluminum, so IGBT5 allows higher working junction temperature and output current. At the same time, the chip structure is optimized and the chip thickness is further reduced.

Operating junction temperature of 75℃, saturation voltage of 1.5V,Output current capacity increased by 30%

Because IGBT5 is coated with copper and advanced. XT packaging technology is used in module packaging, the working junction temperature can reach 175℃. Compared with IGBT4, the thickness of the chip is further reduced, so that the saturation voltage drop is lower and the output current capability is increased by 30%.


At present, IGBT5' s chips are only packaged in PrimePACK™, and the voltage is only 1200V and 1700V, representing the products FF1200R12IE5 and FF1800R12IP5.


True or false likui jy-trench stop 5


In the single pipe world, there is a kind of product called TRENCHSTOP™5. People often ask if H5, F5, S5 and L5 are IGBT5. Strictly speaking, it's not. Although the names all carry 5, H5, F5 and S5, the five series of single tubes, belong to another family called TRENCHSTOP™5. This family has no "golden armour" blessing, and its genes are different from IGBT5.

Features:Fine trench gate+field cut-off

Although they are all called trench gates, TRENCHSTOP™5 looks very different from its predecessors. Its channel is denser and its current density is higher. While achieve that best operational performance, it doe not have short-circuit capability.


Maximum working junction temperature of 75℃, high switching frequency,No short-circuit capability




TRENCHSTOP™5 only has 650V devices at present, and they are all discrete devices. This series of products are optimized for different applications in terms of on-state loss and switching loss. H5/F5 is suitable for high frequency applications, and L5 has the lowest conduction loss. The position of each product of TRENCHSTOP™5 on the compromise curve is shown in the figure below.


Rising star -IGBT6


Although there is a 5 between the head of 6 and the head of 4, 6 is actually an optimized version of 4, which is still trench gate+field cut-off. At present, IGBT6 is only used in single transistor.

Features:Gate+field cut-of

The structure of the device is similar to that of IGBT4, but the back-side P+ implantation is optimized, and a new compromise curve is obtained.

Skills:Maximum working junction temperature of 75℃, controllable Rg, short circuit of 3us

At present, IGBT6 has two series of products, S6 has low conduction loss and VCE (SAT) of 1.85 V; H6 has low switching loss, which is 15% lower than H3.


S6, H6

6 IGBT6 is only a single-tube packaged product, such as IKW15N12BH6, IKW40N120CS6, which is packaged with TO-247 3pin, TO-247 plus 3pin and TO-247 plus 4pin.


Attention -IGBT7


After several generations of IGBT's accumulation, in 2018, it finally ushered in the highly anticipated IGBT7.

Features:Microgroove Gate+Field Cut-off

Although they are all trench gates, the whole structure is quite different with the addition of a micro word. 7 IGBT7 has higher channel density, carefully designed cell spacing and optimized parasitic capacitance parameters, thus achieving the best switching performance at 5kv/us.

For more information about IGBT7, please refer to: 1200V IGBT7 and Emcon7 have better controllability, which helps to improve the performance of inverter system.

Skills:Overload junction temperature of 75℃, dv/dt controllable

Compared with IGBT4, the VCE (SAT) of 7IGBT is reduced by 20%, which can achieve the highest transient junction temperature of 175℃.



The representative products are: FP25R12W1T7. T7 is specially optimized for motor drivers, which can achieve the best performance at 5kv/us. E7 is widely used in electric commercial main drive, photovoltaic inverter, etc.

A watch can be understood.Past lives of IGBT

There is a saying,
Generation of talented people, each leading the coquettish for two years.
7 has gradually become full-fledged and independent,
Can 8 be far behind?
Let's wait and see!


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