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After disassembling 131 models of nitride, we got 8 important data

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In recent years, gallium nitride fast charging has gradually entered the system from the initial third-party brand accessories, and has become the standard of many mobile phones and notebook products. At the same time, the application field of gallium nitride technology in consumer power market has also been expanded, from a single fast charging charger to fast charging docking station, fast charging patch panel, fast charging wall plug and so on. In this process, gallium nitride has gradually become a household name technology from the initial black technology.

The charging head network has dismantled nearly 2,000 consumer power accessories, including more than 100 applications of gallium nitride-related fast charging products. In the product anatomy again and again, the original product is restored, which provides rich cases and design references for the vast number of fast charging power engineers and friends, and promotes the development of gallium nitride fast charging industry.

Today, this article mainly summarizes and shares the classic dismantling cases of gallium nitride fast charging in the past. After dismantling 131 gallium nitride fast charging models, the charging head network has obtained 8 important data, namely, output power ratio, brand ratio, power supply architecture, etc. The details are as follows.65 brands launched 131 gallium nitride fast charging models.Headnet has collected 131 gallium nitride fast charging products from 65 different brands, including brands in Xiaomi, OPPO, Huawei, Nubia, Lenovo, Dell, LG and other systems, as well as many third-party digital accessory brands, such as Anker, Beisi, Lvlian, Momis, Maiduoduo and so on. In addition, there are some fast charging factories.output rating

In terms of output power, 65W is still the mainstream of gallium nitride fast charging market, accounting for 65%, followed by products over 100W, accounting for 18% in total; 45W GaN fast charging and 30W GaN fast charging account for 7% and 9% respectively; 20W gallium nitride has less fast charging, so few manufacturers consider applying gallium nitride technology.brand name

In terms of output power, 65W is still the mainstream of gallium nitride fast charging market, accounting for 65%, followed by products over 100W, accounting for 18% in total; 45W GaN fast charging and 30W GaN fast charging account for 7% and 9% respectively; 20W gallium nitride has less fast charging, so few manufacturers consider applying gallium nitride technology.brand name

In this summary, the dismantling cases of 131 gallium nitride fast charging products are from 65 different brands, among which the proportion of gallium nitride fast charging products launched by Nubian, Beisi and ANKER is relatively high, and there are 7-8 cases. In addition, there are about 4-5 cases of brands such as Momis, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Aoji, Shanji and Ruinengbao, accounting for about 3%-4%. Another 32% of the brands have one product case. Power supply architecture

It can be seen from the dismantling data of this gallium nitride fast charging case that high-frequency QR is the most widely used power supply architecture on the market, accounting for 87%; This is also the most cost-effective gallium nitride fast charging architecture at present.Active clamping ACF power architecture accounts for 5%. This power architecture has low switching loss and high efficiency, and its application is mainly gallium nitride fast charging, a brand of mobile phone manufacturers.Another 8% of fast charging products have chosen LLC architecture. According to the observation of charging head network, the high-power multi-port fast charging market has played a positive role in promoting the popularization of LLC architecture, especially in the domestic market, which has almost become the first choice for multi-port fast charging with 100 watts.GaN power device brand

Gallium nitride power devices can best reflect the market structure. According to the existing statistics, the top three gallium nitride power device markets are Nawei, PI and Innocenti, which are the three original gallium nitride chip manufacturers with the largest shipments in the fast charging market at present. The three products have their own advantages and have their own fixed customer groups, and the cumulative shipments of devices are all over 10 million.In addition, GaN systems and Transphorm are among the imported brands, and domestic manufacturers, such as Core Crown Technology and Yuantuo Hi-Tech, have successively realized mass production and shipment.It is expected that in 2021, the single chip of controller, driver and GaN will be shipped in batches and become a new species in the market.Gallium nitride fast charging controller

As far as the distribution of master chips is concerned, Anson is currently in a dominant position in the market, accounting for 52%, which is mainly due to NCP1342, a classic QR flyback topology master chip. This chip is also the most commonly used material when many gallium nitride device manufacturers and solution providers develop Demo.At the same time, PI, an old power supply manufacturer, has won 30% share by virtue of the advantages of highly integrated sealed GaN power supply chips, and has become the second largest giant in the field of GaN master chips.TI's control chips are mainly used in ACF architecture, while MPS, NXP and other brands' control chips mainly focus on LLC.Most importantly, in the summary statistics of this case, we can see the domestic gallium nitride control chip brands represented by Nanxin and Maoruixin. From R&D to mass production and application in fast charging products, a major breakthrough in domestic gallium nitride power chips has been made.Gallium nitride fast charging synchronous rectification

In terms of synchronous rectifier chips, MPS, a veteran manufacturer, occupies the majority, accounting for 48%. This is mainly due to the contribution made by MP6908A, which is widely used in QR fast charging power supply architecture. PI still ranks second, accounting for 31%, which is also the advantage of the sealed chip.In terms of synchronous rectifier chips, domestic brands are more abundant. Nanxin, Dongke, Maoruixin and Jiehuate all have very mature product cases. In the future gallium nitride fast charging market, there should be more and more application cases.Gallium nitride fast charging protocol chip

There is a very interesting phenomenon in the chip aspect. Domestic manufacturers account for more than 70% of the market share, among which Zhirong Technology takes the top spot with 40% of the market share, which is mainly due to the strong demand for multi-port gallium nitride fast charging products in the market. Zhirong SW351x series took this opportunity to become an instant hit.Due to the popularity of multi-port gallium nitride fast charging, Zhirong has also become a big winner in this market. Among them, LLC+DC-DC architecture combination and Zhirong's power chip with built-in fast charging protocol greatly simplify the product development cycle.Yingxin and Weiquan accounted for 18% and 17% respectively, ranking second and third. In addition, local brands such as Huinengtai, Ruixinwei, Nanxin and Anbao also have different proportions.As Cypress has been acquired by Infineon, Infineon is also seen in the TOP5 of gallium nitride fast charging chips.PFC controller

PFC controllers are mainly used in high-power fast charging products, especially in the domestic market. For power products above 75W, PFC power factor correction circuit is just needed, and fast charging with PFC circuit is mainly concentrated in the power section above 100W.This also reflects from the side that the high-power fast charging market has yet to be developed. With the popularization of high-power fast charging products, the market situation of PFC control chips is broad.In addition, the popularity of fast charging of 100-watt gallium nitride has also helped the large-scale commercial use of silicon carbide diodes, which are mainly used in PFC circuits. Among them, the original silicon carbide factories such as Meipusen, Tyco Tianrun, Ansenmei, Basic Semiconductor and Feiju Semiconductor have been shipped in batches.Summary of charging head networkOnly half a year has passed since the last charging head network counted gallium nitride fast charging application cases. During this period, more than 40 new cases were added, and at the same time, new brands and power supply manufacturers continued to join this array, injecting fresh blood into the market.Judging from the current market situation, the main products are still concentrated in the 65W power segment. The application of 100W high-power fast charging market has gradually become the mainstream, and the emerging 30W gallium nitride fast charging has become a dark horse in the market. In the future, 240W fast charging new technology will be popularized and become a potential market.In terms of architecture, at present, major manufacturers are more inclined to choose a more cost-effective QR architecture, which has an absolute advantage in terms of price, whether it is single-port or multi-port; However, with the popularity of high-power fast charging, LLC architecture is gradually favored by manufacturers.Most importantly, in this summary of gallium nitride fast charging cases, many domestic manufacturers have been seen in both gallium nitride power devices, gallium nitride main control chips and synchronous rectification chips. This also means that gallium nitride technology has taken the lead in realizing all localization in the field of consumer power, and the core technology is independently controllable.

Since the release of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the new environmental protection concept of carbon neutrality in peak carbon dioxide emissions has provided new opportunities for the development of green energy, especially the application of gallium nitride in fast charging, which has brought high-efficiency and light charger products.The conversion efficiency is improved, heat generation is reduced, and carbon dioxide is reduced. If billions of chargers around the world popularize gallium nitride technology, it will effectively reduce the carbon emissions in the charging process of electronic products.

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