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Slkor Launched Its New Products---High-Speed Optocoupler Series (i)

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In September 2021, Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro.com) launched its optocoupler series after years of R & D, including many different models such as 6N136, 6N137, 6N139, SL3120R, SLM501, SLM601, SL3053, SL3063 and SLH11L1. All these products are widely applied in level conversion, inter-stage coupling, drive circuit, switch circuit, chopper, multivibrator, signal isolation, inter-stage isolation, pulse magnifier circuit, digital instrument, long-distance signal transmission, signal pulse amplification, SSR, instrument, communication devices and microcomputer interface. The launch of these products could enrich varieties of Slkor products and service our customers better.


In the wave of “domestication” of electronic components, Slkor has exerted extensive influence in the industry and made contributions to China’s semiconductor industry. Slkor’s optocoupler (model: 6N136, 6N137, 6N139, SL3120R, SLM501 and SLM601) can replace the products from such brands as AVAGO, FAIRCHILD, LITEON, Sharp and Baihong Optoelectronics (model: 6N136, 6N136M, 6N137, 6N139, 6N139M, HCPL-3120, FOD3120, ACPL-M501, FODM452, ACPL-M61M,LTV-M601 and PC817). Slkor’s products are actually the same with those world’s famous brands in terms of performance, and even are superior to them in some electronic technical parameters. Slkor’s optocouplers can replace products of the same type from FAIRCHILD, RENESA, VISHAY, ON, EVERLIGHT, Baihong Optoelectronics, and Sharp (model: FODM352, PS2733-1, MOC305XM, VO305X, MOC306XM, VO306X, H11L1, H11L1M and PC81C7).



Slkor’s best-selling optocoupler(6N136)


Under the technical restrictions on chips against China by western countries represented by the US in recent years, China has to develop its semiconductor with efforts. We firmly believe that strengths realized through our self-improvement can lead to prosperity. Under such a context, the government provides strong support for domestic semiconductor enterprises. For Slkor, it needs to make further development in order to make certain achievements in domestic semiconductor market and occupy more market shares. In September, Slkor launched new series of high-speed optocouplers on the basis of its former series products such as MOS FET, Hall sensor, IGBT, SiC devices and ESD electrostatic protection diode, ESD electrostatic protection diode, Schottky diode, COOLMOS and power management IC.



Slkor’s opticalcoupler(SL3053)


Optocoupler, which is also called opticalcoupler equipment (OCEP), is sometimes known asphotoelectric isolator or photoelectric coupling. As a device to transmit electrical signal via the medium of light, it is built in with light emitting devices (IR LED) and light receiver (photosensitive semiconductor tube and photoresistor) in the same tube shell. When electrical signal is added from input end, light current will be produced after the light emitting devices receive light and then flow out of output end to realize “electricity-light-electricity”control mode. It would couple signal at input end into output end via light,with characteristics of small volume, long life, no contact, strong anti-inference ability, insulation between input and output end and one-way transmission signal.OCEP has been widely applied in digital circuit, logic circuit, solid-state switch, trigger circuit, pulse amplification circuit, linear circuit and high-voltage circuit.


The world’s market of OCEP and high-speed OCEP has been dominated by foreign brands such as FAIRCHILD, RENESA, VISHAY, ON, Baihong Optoelectronics, EVERLIGHT and Sharp, but now Slkor’s products (SLM352, SL3053, SL3063 and SLH11L1) developed by Slkor can replace the products of corresponding model from these brands (FODM352, PS2733-1, MOC305XM, VO305X, MOC306XM, VO306X, H11L1, H11L1M, PC81C7 and PC817) entirely.



Characteristics of optocoupler:


1. The resistance of insulation between input and output ends is generally greater than 10,000MΩ, and withstand voltage is generally over 1kV or over 10kV.


2. Light receiver can receive information from light source only but the reverse action is disabled, which totally avoids feedback when signal is transmitted from light source to receiver. Its output signal will not influence input end.


3. LED (GaAs infrared diode) is a kind of drive device of impedance current and noise is voltage signal with high internal resistance and micro current. Therefore, OCEP can suppress interference and eliminate noise in virtue of its high common mode rejection ratio.


4. Easy collaboration with logic circuit.


5. With a fast response time, time constant of Slkor’s OCEP could reach millisecond or microsecond level.


6. No contact, long life, small volume and strong impact resistance




Slkor’s image store in Huaqiang North provides free OCEP samples


Slkor’s new OCEP products win recognition from many new and old customers and sell well upon the launch on market. The products are sold on many online platforms such as www.szlcsc.com,www.hqchip.com,www.ickey.cn,www.taoic.com,www.hqbuy.com,www.allchips.com,www.oneyac.com,www.hqew.com,www.ic.net.cn,www.1688.com,www.ichunt.com,www.sekorm.com and www.chipmall.com to service electronic engineers wholeheartedly. 



Free OCEP series products are available in Slkor’s image store in Huaqiang Electronic World atNo.1 Building, Huaqiangbei Road, Futian District. Contact person: Mr. Huang (Tel.: 0755-83260851; QQ: 673140802).



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