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Slkor Participated in Digital Economic Literacy Improvement Activity of Enterprises In Longhua District

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On September 14, 2021, Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro.com) participated in the selection and recommendation for high-quality development of Shenzhen enterprises and enterprise digital economic literacy improvement activity of Longhua District. The activity was held in Investon Hotel, Yinxing Science and Technology Park and attended by the government leaders such as Lu Zhenjie, deputy director of Investment Promotion and Enterprise Service Center of Longhua District, and Zhao Guangwen, Level II investor of Information and Software Service Division of Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality. Focused on the issues such as enterprise digital transformation, indicator system selection for high-quality development of Shenzhen enterprises and method for one-stop provision of 2021 policy services, the meeting was exactly in line with Slkor’s development direction and recent digital information work. 

SLKOR participated in the digital economy literacy improvement activities of enterprises 

Slkor is participating in Digital Economic Literacy Improvement Activity


Digital transformation was mentioned in the meeting for multiple times. It showed government concerned enterprise digital transformation and that digital enterprise would become a future development trend. There must be many problems needed to be overcome in enterprise digital transformation, but the benefits brought to enterprise is immediate and obvious. Digital economy is another principal economic form after agricultural economy and industrial economy, which helps enterprise realize comprehensive improvement, promotes industry’s comprehensive competition, achieves reforms in industrial production and organizational mode, accelerates breakthrough of industrial innovation capacity and boosts the significant reform in industrial form. To facilitate the company’s rapid development and respond to national call actively, Slkor is engaging in the digital transformation and has introduced the digital systems (e.g. Kingdee KIS and Landray OA).


SLKOR participated in the digital economy literacy improvement activities of enterprises 

Slkor is participating in Enterprise Digital Economic Literacy Improvement Activity 


Accelerating Slkor’s digital transformation, the digital systems (e.g. Kingdee KIS and Landray OA) play a significant role in the company’s systematical and normative management and could provide the company’s working efficiency dramatically. Value of enterprise digital transformation is embodied in digitalization rather than technical improvement, which, however, means the comprehensive improvement for enterprise’s entire business. Application of single digital technology is the reasonable technical application of business drive. Digitalization isn’t the simple interconnection of systems but the effective information exchange and integration of business drive; isn’t the system reconstruction but a continuous improvement and enhancement process of information. Digitalization is not only an internal issue but also the capacity optimization and adjustment of external environment drive; is not only a system but also the improvement of enterprise’s internal sharing, coordination and decision abilities. Digitalization isn’t the work of information department but also an enterprise strategy which all staffs need to participate in. 

SLKOR participated in the digital economy literacy improvement activities of enterprises 

Slkor is participating in Enterprise Digital Economic Literacy Improvement Activity


As mentioned in the meeting, enterprise digital transformation is for the transformation of consciousness and culture and for the organization and method and mode. All enterprise departments should transform consciousness, which, however, isn’t the matter just for IT department. Corporate culture needs to change from egoism to altruism and the integrated management should be developed through integration ofbusiness and IT departments. The transformation shall focus on from the simple IT process to digitization of object, rules and process and working, operation and business modes. It is what that Slkor concerns. Under the leadership of general manager Song Shiqiang, all staffs of the Company are gradually transforming in consciousness and working and operation modes, to try to finish enterprise digital transformation rapidly. 

SLKOR participated in the digital economy literacy improvement activities of enterprises 

Slkor is participating in Enterprise Digital Economic Literacy Improvement Activity


In 2020, in spite of raging of COVID-19, both Slkor and Kinghelm grew more and more prosperous in terms of electronic performance and business data (e.g. sales amount) surged to new highs again and again. All those should be also subscribed to the advance digital and information layout. Digital economy industry in Shenzhen showed great vitality again and made outstanding contributions to steady economic growth. It can thus be seen enterprise digital transformation is of great significance to company development. 


Sacco Semiconductor SLKOR publicity map 

Advertising Picture of Slkor


Therefore, Slkor’s digital transformation is a development trend of enterprise. Enterprise must comply with the latest trends, if trying to realize sustainable development in the whole society. Slkor’s digital transformation is profoundly significant to enterprise development and lays a solid foundation for its future investment attraction and listing. 

SLKOR MOS FET and other products promotional map 

Advertising Picture of Slkor MOS Field Effect Tube


General manager Song Shiqiang always stresses the followings: Slkor’s information standard process and knowledge engineering is the foundation for the company’s survival and development and the intelligent organization for information processing and efficiency enhancement is critical to winning in competitions. We will utilize our Kingdee system and Landray OA system effectively and flexibly all the time, to develop the company based on the information digital system and lay a solid foundation for our SiC power devices (e.g. MOS tube, field effect tube, SCR (silicon controlled rectifier ), Hall component, high-speed optocoupler, IGBT, Schottky diode, ESD electrostatic protection diode, TVS transient suppression diode, universal diode and triode) seizing market rates rapidly and being sold to overseas countries. Slkor will develop more and more prosperous and become a true leader in domestic power device industry. 


SLKOR colleagues from Sacco Semiconductor are discussing the details of Kingdee KIS cloud implementation

Slkor’s Employees Are Discussing Implementation Details of Kingdee KIS Cloud


General manger Song’s another company Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. (www.bds666.com) also introduced Kingdee’s KIS cloud system in the meantime. Slkor has ushered a fast development speed in recent years and lays much emphasis on its online promotion, including the online famous platforms such as Baidu, BaiduAipurchase, WWW.SZLCSC.COM, www.hqchip.com, www.ichunt.com, Tmall, Alibaba1688 and www.sekorm.com. Kingdee’s leading products include: RJ45-RJ45 network, connector of industrial Internet network interface, RF connector patch cord, RF microwave coaxial cable connector, type-c connector,HDMItype-c interface, pin header/ female header, SMA,SMB, fpc, FFC antenna connector, waterproof joint for antenna signal transmission, HDMI USB connector, terminal wire connector, board terminalblock, terminal strip, RF RFID tag, positioning and navigation antenna, connecting line of GSM communications antenna, sucker antenna of rubber antenna, 4334G antenna and GPS mode antenna, and could be widely found in such industries as aerospace, communications, military industry, instruments and apparatus, security and medical treatment.


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