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The working principle of TVS tube:

TVS or transient voltage suppression diode is a new product developed on the basis of Zener tube technology.

When both ends of the TVS tube are subjected to an instantaneous high-energy shock, it can suddenly reduce the impedance at a very high speed (up to 1*10-12 seconds), absorb a large current at the same time, and clamp the voltage between its two ends. at a predetermined value to ensure that subsequent circuit components are not damaged by transient high-energy shocks. TVS is definitely much faster to react than RC loops.

One-way TVS is used for reverse suppression, and two-way TVS is used for exchanges.

Transient Suppression Diode - TVS for short, is a high-efficiency protection device in the form of a diode. It uses the reverse breakdown working principle of the P-N junction to introduce high-voltage pulses of static electricity into the ground, thereby protecting the components that are sensitive to static electricity inside the appliance.

Take the TVS diode as an example: when the instantaneous voltage exceeds the normal operating voltage of the circuit, the TVS diode will avalanche, providing an ultra-low resistance path for the instantaneous current. As a result, the instantaneous current is diverted through the diode, avoiding the protected device, and Keep the protected circuit at the cut-off voltage until the voltage returns to normal.

When the transient pulse ends, the TVS diode automatically returns to the high resistance state, and the entire circuit enters the normal voltage. The failure mode of TVS tube is mainly short circuit, but when the overcurrent passed is too large, it may also cause the TVS tube to be burst and open circuit.

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