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The global semiconductor industry is expected to reach the milestone of $1 trillion around 2030

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International News:

1. Global investment in 300mm wafer fab equipment is expected to reach a new high of $137 billion in 2027.


2. The global semiconductor industry is expected to reach the milestone of $1 trillion around 2030.


3. Samsung will supply AMD with HBM3E, a 12-layer stacked DRAM, for AMD's next-generation data center chip MI350, with a total value of about $3 billion.


4. The semiconductor market is expected to return to a growth trend in 2024, with a growth rate of over 20%, reaching $630.2 billion.


5. Western Digital, a major US storage manufacturer, recently announced price increases for its mechanical hard drives (HDDs), while another mechanical hard drive manufacturer, Seagate Technology, also announced immediate price increases for new orders and demand exceeding previous commitments.


6. In 2023, China's silicon wafer imports decreased by 19.7% year-on-year, while exports to India increased more than 13 times.


7. Global semiconductor industry revenue in 2023 was $544.8 billion, down 9% from $597.7 billion in 2022.


8. NVIDIA, with its rapid semiconductor revenue growth in 2023, has become the world's second-largest semiconductor company, second only to Intel.


China News:


1. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice on launching the 2024 RedCap penetration action for lightweight 5G.


2. Huawei has introduced its first AI-supported laptop, the MateBook X Pro, equipped with Intel's new Core Ultra 9 high-performance processor.


3. Hubei Province has clarified its commitment to continue promoting the electrification of urban buses, aiming for new energy buses to account for 85% of the total by 2027.


4. Leading AI company iFLYTEK expects to benchmark against GPT-4 turbo in the first half of the year and GPT-4V in the second half.


5. On the afternoon of April 18th, Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Kinghelm Electronics and Sarko Micro Semiconductor, was invited to attend the "Supply Chain Optimization Seminar under 2024 Technological Innovation" and participated in the roundtable forum.


6. On April 22nd, Ideal Auto announced a reduction in the selling prices of multiple models, with some experiencing decreases of up to 30,000 RMB.


7. Recently, the largest-scale 5G RedCap joint construction and sharing network in the country was launched in Guangdong, with RedCap functionality activated at 120,000 sites.


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