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OpenAI has launched GPT-4o, which will be freely available to all users

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International News:

1. A SEMI report shows signs of improvement in the global semiconductor manufacturing industry in Q1 2024, with China exhibiting the highest growth rate in production capacity among all regions.


2. On May 15th, Google unveiled the sixth-generation TPU chip called Trillium at the I/O conference. Trillium delivers a performance boost of up to 4.7 times in terms of computing power.


3. The US and the EU have allocated approximately $81 billion in funding for subsidies in the development of next-generation semiconductors. This intensifies the global competition for dominance in the semiconductor industry, including competition targeting mainland China.


4. According to a report from Goldman Sachs' AI supply chain industry analysis, NVIDIA's GB200 is projected to reach a shipment volume of 900,000 units by 2025.


5. Intel is reportedly in negotiations with Apollo Global Management for a deal that involves Apollo providing over $11 billion in funding for Intel's planned semiconductor fab in Ireland.


6. Adam Selipsky, the former CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS), will step down before June 3rd, and Charlie Bell will succeed him.


7. Recent reports indicate that the iOS version of ChatGPT released version 1.2024.129, introducing support for the Chinese language. It currently surpasses other languages previously supported. Additionally, OpenAI has launched GPT-4o, which will be freely available to all users.

China News:

1. A Chinese research team has achieved a breakthrough in micro-power technology, developing a biomimetic "insect" robot capable of controlled crawling at insect scale (2 centimeters).


2. The Institute of Optoelectronics and Intelligence at Northwestern Polytechnical University, in collaboration with the China Telecom Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, has achieved communication between drones under electromagnetic interference by mimicking the communication patterns of fireflies.


3. TSMC claims it can manufacture the next-generation A16 chip without the need for new ASML lithography machines. This technology is under development and is set to be released in 2027.


4. Huawei's Yu Chengdong announced that the Wanjie M9 car is launching new 21-inch multi-spoke starlight wheels, paired with silent tires.


5. Sark Micro and Kinghelm Electronics have further promoted their semiconductor and electronics through the official Sark Micro WeChat account, gaining over 100 new followers recently and nearly 2000 in total.


6. Huawei's Vision Smart Screen 4 has been unveiled at Huawei's Summer Full-Scenario New Product Launch event, featuring technologies such as Smart XPointer Remote, 4K Super Casting, and AI SuperSense Camera.


7. At the Volcano Engine Original Power Conference, ByteDance officially released the Dou Bao large model, which processes an average of 120 billion tokens of text daily and can generate 30 million images.


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