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Huawei will fully transition to its proprietary platform HarmonyOS in the latter half of this year, abandoning the Android system

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International News:

1. The inaugural Sino-US Government Dialogue on Artificial Intelligence is set to take place in Geneva, Switzerland on May 14th. Both sides will discuss AI technology risks, global governance, and other mutual concerns.

2. The global semiconductor materials market saw sales of $667 billion in 2023, marking an 8.2% decrease from 2022's $727 billion.

3. South Korea plans to invest over 100 trillion won (approximately $73 billion) to strengthen its critical semiconductor industry.

4. Apple and OpenAI have reached an agreement to integrate ChatGPT technology into the upcoming iOS 18 operating system, promising revolutionary changes in the smartphone domain.

5. Huawei will fully transition to its proprietary platform HarmonyOS in the latter half of this year, abandoning the Android system.

6. SK Hynix aims to mass-produce its seventh-generation HBM memory, HBM4E, in 2026, featuring 32GB DRAM chips.

7. OpenAI demonstrated the updated features of ChatGPT and GPT-4 via online live streaming at 1 a.m. Beijing time on May 14th.

8. Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net) electronics and Slkor semiconductors are making waves again! The WeChat official account "Slkor Becomes Semiconductor Leader" has launched a large-scale model robot, capable of providing 24/7 answers to questions about Song Shiqiang, Kinghelm, Slkor, and more questions mean more satisfying answers!

China News:

1. The research team led by Dr. Ouxin at Shanghai Microsystems Institute has developed a mass-producible lithium tantalate integrated photonics chip.


2. TSMC announced the launch of the A16 chip technology, which includes advanced packaging and 3D IC technology.


3. The sensor project by Zhejiang Fulide is expected to complete its main structure topping out in June this year, half a month ahead of the original schedule.


4. On May 10th, the inaugural equipment of Yixing Zhongche Era Semiconductor was successfully moved in at the project site in Yixing Economic Development Zone.


5. The third factory building of Jiangsu Huatian Integrated Circuit's wafer-level packaging and testing base project has been fully topped out, while the first factory building has been completed and is undergoing equipment debugging.


6. Zhejiang Integrated Circuit Fund, with a scale of 5 billion yuan, is stationed in Shaoxing. Currently, it has reserved more than 20 integrated circuit projects, including the third phase of ChipUnion Integrated Circuit.


7. Circular connectors offer rapid, reliable, and efficient connections, bringing significant benefits to industrial automation. For antenna connectors, choose Kinghelm!


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