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Interview with Huang Xiang, Store Manager of SLKOR Huaqiangbei Branch

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Seventeen Years of Commitment, Witnessing Growth

From 2007 to 2024, Kinghelm Electronics and SLKOR Semiconductor has embarked on a 17-year journey of development. Time has flown by, and many employees at
SLKOR have deeply rooted themselves in this dynamic company. They have dedicated the best years of their lives to this vibrant enterprise. Growing alongside the company, they have created countless highlights in their careers, witnessing the brilliance and challenges of SLKOR. As we reflect on the past, we see the figures who have strived together with the company, among whom is Huang Xiang, the store manager of SLKOR's Huaqiangbei branch.


Mr. Huang Xiang, store manager of SLKOR Huaqiangbei Store


In 2007, Kinghelm Electronics was just established in Shenzhen, China. At that time, the company's office space was far from the grandeur of today's headquarters at Bairuida Building. It was merely a small office where two rising stars in the semiconductor industry, Kinghelm and SLKOR, began their journey. It was through a family connection that Huang Xiang joined Kinghelm during these early days. The company started with just over a dozen people, operating in modest and challenging conditions. Reflecting on those initial days in the workplace, Huang Xiang feels a deep sense of nostalgia.


However, as time passed, he gradually adapted to the company's work rhythm and culture, becoming an indispensable member of the team. Then, in 2015, SLKOR Semiconductor was established as a sibling company to Kinghelm Electronics, focusing on the development of the semiconductor industry. Leveraging his outstanding performance and deep experience at Kinghelm, Huang Xiang was transferred to SLKOR, taking on a sales role. This transition not only marked a new beginning in his personal career but also signaled a new chapter in his journey of dedication alongside SLKOR.



Huang Xiang, who has just joined Kinghelm


Huang Xiang has witnessed SLKOR's entire journey from a small company to one with significant influence in the industry. Over the past decade, he has progressed from a regular salesperson to the manager of SLKOR's Huqiangbei store, becoming a key figure in SLKOR's development. This path of growth has not only witnessed the company's flourishing but also marked Huang Xiang's transformation from a newcomer in the workplace to a seasoned professional.



SLKOR Huaqiangbei Flagship Store


When discussing how SLKOR's Huqiangbei store has developed so rapidly in just three years, Huang Xiang effortlessly sums it up with four words: "Accumulate steadily and burst forth." In 2021, SLKOR made the strategic decision to open its first store in Huqiangbei. This move was not made impulsively but was based on SLKOR's established foundation. Huang recalls that initial sales were modest, only a few tens of thousands, but with time and diligent effort, these figures rapidly escalated to hundreds of thousands. Over the past three years, this journey has not only witnessed the establishment of the Huqiangbei store from scratch but also how it has solidified its position in a fiercely competitive market, gradually expanding its customer base and operations.


Especially noteworthy was the store's achievement in May of this year, breaking its sales record once again, a success that has brought joy and encouragement to everyone involved.


SLKOR best-selling products


The company's development closely follows the changes of the times, but according to Huang Xiang, there are certain things that remain unchanged, such as SLKOR's belief that product quality is the lifeline of the enterprise. Huang mentioned that as the company grows larger and stronger, and demand for their products increases, SLKOR Semiconductor insists on producing its own branded products, owning its own factories, and rigorously controlling every stage of production, benchmarking against well-known international brands. Furthermore, SLKOR not only builds upon past achievements but continuously strives for higher goals. Initially targeting the mid to low-end markets, they are progressively moving towards the mid to high-end market segment.



SLKOR Semiconductor MOSFET


As for the challenges at work, Huang Xiang also acknowledged facing setbacks due to insufficient experience and skills. However, SLKOR, being a company that actively supports employee growth, provides extensive opportunities for development and diverse career paths. After seeking personal input, the company transferred Huang Xiang to a position in finance. Approaching this new role with enthusiasm and determination, Huang Xiang embraced the opportunity.


Upon the recommendation of General Manager Song Shiqiang, he recognized the critical importance of enhancing his skill set for career advancement. With the company's support, he pursued and obtained an accounting certification.





Huang Xiang stated that his ability to stay committed to SLKOR for ten years was primarily due to the company's humane care and support. SLKOR's General Manager, Song Shiqiang, values uncovering employees' potential and provides extensive development opportunities. Huang Xiang highlighted one particularly memorable experience during his time at SLKOR—the company's support for his initiative to expand into the Huaqiangbei market.


During a one-on-one discussion with General Manager Song Shiqiang, Huang Xiang proposed his idea to enter the Huaqiangbei market. He was pleasantly surprised and deeply moved when Song Shiqiang not only immediately agreed but also provided substantial financial support and allocated resources. "Mr. Song allowed me full autonomy, including financial backing, and personally oversaw the renovation of the store. This level of trust and support made me feel a great sense of responsibility and also filled me with motivation," Huang Xiang remarked.


It was this trust that gave him the courage and determination to pursue his goals more vigorously.



SLKOR CEO Mr. Song Shiqiang


To Huang Xiang, SLKOR Semiconductor is not just a workplace but more like a big family. Here, he has found his life's direction and the motivation to strive. Looking ahead, he eagerly anticipates facing more challenges and opportunities together with the company in the days to come. The success of SLKOR is inseparable from the hard work and dedication of every employee, underpinned by the company's boundless trust and selfless support for its team.


Under the leadership of General Manager Song Shiqiang, Huang Xiang believes SLKOR will continue to uphold its ethos of humane care, providing a platform and opportunities for further development to its employees. Together, they aim to create an even brighter future.

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