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Congratulations to Huang Baoling for being awarded the "Weekly Star"

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From June 11, 2024, to June 14, 2024, Kinghelm and Slkor conducted the "Weekly Star" evaluation among colleagues. This week's "Weekly Star" is Huang Baoling, a sales representative from the Slkor Sales Department. Through diligent and steadfast work, she has seen her performance skyrocket and has grown to become the monthly sales champion. Her goal-oriented work spirit, aimed at achieving company performance targets, has earned the unanimous praise of company leaders and colleagues. We hereby announce and commend her for this achievement, awarding her RMB 200.


Huang Baoling being awarded the "Weekly Star"

Huang Baoling is a seasoned and experienced salesperson. As a sales representative, she not only excels in her own responsibilities but also takes a strategic view of how to ensure the healthy operation of her market, thereby minimizing costs and maximizing performance over time. Since joining Slkor in 2021, Huang has diligently cultivated her business for several years. She faces her work with a calm and composed attitude, embodying the mindset of "No matter the winds and waves, it is as if walking leisurely in a courtyard." Her hard work paid off this year in 2024, as she saw her performance skyrocket, becoming Slkor's monthly sales champion for three consecutive months. This achievement is inseparable from her long-term dedication and meticulous work ethic.


In addition to her perseverance and effective methods, Huang maintains a hardworking and grounded work attitude. She believes that as a salesperson, one must endure hardships that others cannot in order to earn rewards that others cannot achieve. She consistently visits clients, understands their needs, and promptly addresses their concerns, thereby increasing customer loyalty and driving significant growth in her performance. Moreover, she possesses excellent critical thinking skills and industry knowledge. Her communication is both artistic and logical, and her extensive professional expertise has won over numerous clients, successfully serving major accounts, which showcases her comprehensive capabilities.


Overall, Huang Baoling has grown into a benchmark for the Sales Department at Slkor Semiconductor. Being named "Weekly Star" is well-deserved and truly a cause for celebration. We hope she continues to strive for excellence and achieve even greater success.

Huang Baoling

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Kinghelm and Slkor is committed to fostering a dynamic and creative team. In addition to the "Employee of the Week" selection activities, they regularly host tea parties. Mr. Song Shiqiang also leads colleagues from Sichuan and Chongqing to participate in the "Chuan-Yu Tongxin Association" networking events. Every year, they celebrate the traditional "Hometown Food Festival" in early spring.


The company has also formed the "Slkor Warriors Basketball Team" and the "Kinghelm Badminton Team," organizing team-building and sports activities for employees. These events not only help staff stay physically active but also enhance camaraderie among colleagues, making the Kinghelm and Slkor team vibrant and energetic.


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