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A Day at China's Largest Electronics Market - Huaqiang North

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On Saturday, January 27th, I went to the sales point of SLKOR (www.slkoric.com), located in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China, to deliver goods. After completing the delivery, I took the opportunity to explore Huaqiangbei and experience the charm of the renowned "China Electronics First Street." However, as I walked through the streets, I noticed that there were fewer people compared to before, and I couldn't help but feel that the glory of Huaqiangbei has faded.


Huaqiangbei used to be magnificent – it was a showcase of the achievements of Shenzhen as an economic special zone and was considered one of the two major centers of China's electronic information industry alongside Beijing's "Zhongguancun." Our company, Kinghelm Electronics (www.kinghelm.net), and SLKOR Semiconductor also have flagship stores in Huaqiangbei! The Huaqiangbei commercial district covers an area of approximately 1.45 square kilometers and is recognized as the "China Electronics First Street" by the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce. It is a focal point of wealth and commercial activity. With over 50 specialized markets, Huaqiangbei is known for its unique commercial characteristics and distinctive charm, serving the surrounding communities and the citizens of Shenzhen, China. It is home to over 60,000 enterprises (including around 800 large-scale companies) and over 40,000 individual businesses, employing over 300,000 people. The estimated annual transaction volume exceeds 200 billion yuan, and when considering the cash transactions that go untaxed, it can rival the revenue of the Yuehai Street. Huaqiangbei has witnessed numerous business miracles, with over 50 billionaires emerging from the "one-meter counters." At that time, Wan Jia Department Store had an area of 3,000 square meters and daily sales of up to 3 million yuan. These are proud economic statistics for Huaqiangbei.


Second branch of SLKOR Semiconductor in Huaqiangbei


In recent years, due to factors such as the government's crackdown on counterfeit products and the relocation of the industrial chain, Huaqiangbei has gradually declined. During this visit, it was evident that there was a decrease in foot traffic. The once bustling streets are now sparsely populated, and the digital plazas and electronic markets have become quiet. The numerous mobile phone and computer stores that were once thriving have gradually diminished, replaced by some unpopular small shops. There are fewer foreign backpackers on the streets, many shops have few customers, and some have even closed down. While browsing in a store, I discussed this change with the owner. He told me that with the rise of online sales of electronic products, many consumers prefer to purchase electronics online, leading to a gradual decline in physical retail stores.


Additionally, with the rapid development of the economy in Shenzhen, China, the electronic industry, which used to be concentrated in Huaqiangbei, has gradually dispersed throughout the city. Walking along the streets of Huaqiangbei, I can't help but feel the decline of the area. The situation is relatively better in the western part of Huaqiangbei, with decent foot traffic and a few newly renovated shopping centers. However, the eastern part is quite dismal, such as the "Mingtong Cosmetics Market," which used to be the Mingtong Mobile Phone Accessory Market. The storefronts are dilapidated, the environment is poor, and the surrounding facilities are very outdated. The government has not yet repositioned and planned for investment, resulting in low foot traffic and an inability to attract and integrate brands and business resources.



I purposely stayed in Huaqiangbei until the evening and felt that the area is actively taking self-rescue measures, including setting up night markets on the streets. This initiative not only increases income and reduces storefront costs but also attracts more people to come and consume, thereby forming a new commercial district. At the same time, Huaqiangbei is also undergoing industrial upgrading, focusing on innovation and research and development.


I believe that in the future, Huaqiangbei will definitely achieve a breakthrough in its industry and usher in a more prosperous development. The self-rescue action is underway, so let's wait and see.


Quartz crystal resonator developed by SLKOR


Although I lament the faded glory of Huaqiangbei, I also believe that its past brilliance will not be easily forgotten. Perhaps with everyone's efforts and the changes of the times, Huaqiangbei will find a new direction for development and recreate its former prosperity. I look forward to seeing Huaqiangbei rejuvenate with new vitality in the future, becoming a new landmark of electronic technology in the new era.


The connector terminal series developed by Kinghelm


According to General Manager Song Shiqiang's introduction, SLKOR (www.slkoric.com) has developed high-end products such as Silicon Carbide (SiC) SBD diodes, SiC MOSFET transistors, IGBT transistors, and Ultra-Fast Recovery Power Diodes. They also offer general-purpose products including Schottky diodes, ESD protection diodes, TVS transient voltage suppressor diodes, general-purpose diodes, and transistors. Their power devices range from high, medium to low-voltage MOS transistors, high-voltage FRD diodes, SiC SBD high-voltage diodes, thyristors, bridge stacks, etc. They provide power management chips like LDO, AC-DC, and DC-DC series products. These offerings cater to the needs of various industries such as high-end equipment, communication and power, solar photovoltaics, medical equipment, industrial internet, new energy vehicles, electric tools, and more.


Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net) includes products such as Beidou-GPS dual-mode antennas, Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee, NB-IoT antennas, LORA, UWB, Beidou B3 antenna frequency series, and accompanying RF coaxial cables. Their product range has expanded to include various connectors for boards and cables, board sockets, connectors, and signal switches. They also provide automotive and motorcycle wire harnesses, specialty wires for industrial, medical, and scientific research applications, as well as custom-made non-standard products. These products are widely sold in Huaqiangbei's stores, serving customers worldwide through this centralized hub for electronic components. (By Intern at SLKOR, Ma Shuai)

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