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Golden Airlines Electronic Song Shiqiang Beidou Nine Questions Nine Answers (5)

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Interviewee: Song Shiqiang, general manager of Jinhangbiao Electronics

Mr. Song Shiqiang and Shenzhen Jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd. have been working hard in the Beidou GPS antenna RF connector industry for more than ten years. The brand "kinghelm" is well-known and influential in the Beidou navigation and positioning RF microwave industry. Jinhangbiao KH series Beidou products are used in automobiles. Electronic navigation and positioning antennas, long-wave timing antennas, and microwave radio frequency cables are well-known and influential in the industry. The official account of "Beidou Expert" operated by Jinhangbiao vigorously promotes the promotion of Beidou science and Beidou, speaks well about the people and things of Beidou, and cheers for the development of Beidou, not only as a business, but as a cause. Jinhangbiao is an enterprise developed from Huaqiangbei. Mr. Song Shiqiang has been thinking and exploring the development and transformation of Huaqiangbei. He has written a lot of articles for Huaqiangbei, and speaks loudly for purifying the business environment of Huaqiangbei. He hopes that Huaqiangbei will become Shenzhen City. A representative of prosperity and a beautiful business card for the achievements of reform and opening up.


Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of Jinhangbiao, was interviewed by the media in Huaqiangbei

Media interviews: No. 1 Xinwen Road is a media affiliated to ICeasy (www.iceasy.com), focusing on reporting figures, events and products in the semiconductor chip industry. Follow-up content will be published in "China Electronic Business" magazine

Song Shiqiang's Nine Questions and Nine Answers, No. 5:

The technological gap between domestic and foreign products of Beidou industry is not big. How do you think my country's Beidou industry can break through and win? Please introduce the current situation of Beidou chip companies.

      my country's Beidou system has been officially launched since Beidou-1 in 1994. By 2020, Beidou-3 will be successfully networked. It is the world's leading navigation and positioning spatial location geographic data service system. Beidou satellite navigation system (abbreviation: Beidou BDS) continues After the US Global Positioning System (GPS), the Russian Global Navigation Satellite System GLONASS (GLONASS) and the European Union's Galileo Positioning System (Galileo), it is the fourth core supplier to be included in the global satellite navigation system by the United Nations Satellite Navigation Committee.



Backbone management team of Kinghelm Dongguan Tangxia Factory

Because of the successful networking of Beidou-3 and the unique "short message" functions of Beidou, Beidou BDS has become more and more influential and used in the world. Compared with the European Union's Galileo (Galileo) positioning system and Russia's GLONASS (GLONASS) global navigation satellite system, our Beidou system is still a lot ahead, and now only a little behind the US GPS system.


Golden beacon kinghelm Beidou GPS dual-mode navigation and positioning + GSM communication automotive-grade antenna

Our Beidou BDS industry wants to break through in the world, and now we only need to benchmark the products and markets of GPS. On the one hand, the country should pay attention to this, because it is related to national security and the layout of my country's strategic industries. On the other hand, we ordinary people should learn more about Beidou, pay attention to Beidou, promote Beidou more, and use Beidou products, so that more companies in the society will invest in Beidou. In related industries, enterprises will develop and produce better and more Beidou navigation and positioning and intelligent terminal products, which will promote the landing and healthy development of the Beidou industry.



kinghelm golden beacon SMA multi-frequency helix Beidou GPS antenna

After the "two passengers and one danger" project jointly launched by the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Public Security in 2013, there are no relevant policies and regulations at the national government level to promote the development of Beidou. After the successful networking of Beidou-3, public opinion pushed Beidou to a higher level, but it is still necessary to introduce some practical and operational policies that benefit Beidou to promote the development of Beidou industry at the official level. In recent years, a number of policies and guidelines on the development of Beidou have been successively issued in various places, but they are not practically operable. They have basically become a talisman for various interest groups to staking their horses. Those who really engage in the Beidou industry have not received any benefits!

At the social and corporate level, everyone is also optimistic about the prospects and development of Beidou, and there are many individuals and companies with investment desires. The companies that used to do GPS have basically transformed to Beidou, which has brought a new round of competition and struggle, and objectively promoted the progress of Beidou technology and applications! In addition, Beidou has a unique "short message" function, and there is still a great value that has not been developed. How to transmit information on mobile phones, applications in the private sector, etc., can bring about a new round of growth in the Beidou industry!

When it comes to Beidou chip companies, the current situation is not optimistic, and everyone needs to work hard and persevere. In 2013, when "two customers and one danger" occurred, the Ministry of Communications of the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China identified 5 chip companies with vehicle-mounted qualifications. Dean Microelectronics, Zhongke Microelectronics, Aerospace Huaxun, Dongfang Lianxin, and Beidou Xintong all belong to them, and they are used together with the antennas of Golden Beacon in the automotive electronics industry. However, after the "two customers and one danger" products have been covered once, there is no large-scale market demand, and the current situation is not very good.


kinghelm golden beacon ipex RF connector seat PCB board end

Due to the shrinking of Beidou's dedicated market, in terms of chip modules, Beidou and GPS are compatible with dual modes and can be seamlessly switched. The high-end market cannot compete with Switzerland's u-blox, and in terms of scale, the cost-effectiveness cannot compete with MediaTek MTK, and in mobile phones, etc. Smart product terminals, Broadcom, Qualcomm, mtk, Spreadtrum, Qualcomm, Huawei, etc. have integrated other functions. Navigation and positioning map products such as Tencent Map, Baidu Map, and AutoNavi are common to Beidou and GPS, so Beidou chip companies have a very difficult life. Now some have been transformed, some have been acquired, and some have closed down. At present, Huada Beidou is doing better and still insisting. To be honest, the Beidou national team has money and strategic determination. In this regard, it needs the blessing of national power and maintains a good ecology for Beidou chips!



New products such as type-c connector USB socket, HDMI socket and other popular products sold by Kinghelm in Lichuang Mall

The WeChat official account of "Beidou Expert" operated by Jinhangbiao Company is Beidou BDS Drum and Call, which achieves the purpose of disseminating Beidou technology and Beidou knowledge. It is hoped that the Beidou system can be used well BDS666. The website www.BDS666.com of the Golden Beacon has opened the "Beidou Experts" column, which includes the information of well-known experts in the Beidou industry, such as the Beidou master Sun Jiadong, the Beidou expert Cao Chong, the Beidou expert Yang Yuanxi, the Beidou goddess Xu Ying, etc. , as well as related Beidou navigation and positioning technology analysis application product solutions, etc., spare no effort to promote Beidou BDS. It is the mission of "Beidou experts" to tell the story of Beidou well, to tell the story of China well, and to tell the story of the Beidou people of China's Beidou No. 3. There are more people using Beidou, and the Beidou ecology has begun a virtuous cycle. Our Beidou BDS can be said to have won a steady victory.

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