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Kinghelm Song Shiqiang Beidou Nine Questions Nine answers (6)

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Interviewee: Song Shiqiang, general manager of Jinhangbiao Electronics

Mr. Song Shiqiang and Shenzhen Jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd. have been working hard in the Beidou GPS antenna RF connector industry for more than ten years. The brand "kinghelm" is well-known and influential in the Beidou navigation and positioning RF microwave industry. Jinhangbiao KH series Beidou products are used in automobiles. Electronic navigation and positioning antennas, long-wave timing antennas, and microwave radio frequency cables are well-known and influential in the industry. The official account of "Beidou Expert" operated by Jinhangbiao vigorously promotes the promotion of Beidou science and Beidou, speaks well about people and things about Beidou, and cheers for the development of Beidou, not only as a business, but as a lifelong career. Jinhangbiao is an enterprise developed from Huaqiangbei. Mr. Song Shiqiang has been thinking and exploring the development and transformation of Huaqiangbei. He has written a lot of articles for Huaqiangbei, and speaks loudly for purifying the business environment of Huaqiangbei. He hopes that Huaqiangbei will become Shenzhen City. A representative of prosperity and a beautiful business card for the achievements of reform and opening up. Mr. Song Shiqiang also actively provided suggestions for Shenzhen's economic development and institutional reform. Many research articles were published in authoritative media in China, providing new ideas and opening new perspectives for Shenzhen's urban economic development and institutional reform.




Song Shiqiang (middle), general manager of Jinhangbiao, delivered a speech at the seminar on system reform of the Development Research Center of the State Council

Media interviews: No. 1 Xinwen Road is a media affiliated to ICeasy (www.iceasy.com), focusing on reporting figures, events and products in the semiconductor chip industry. Follow-up content will be published in "China Electronic Business" magazine

Song Shiqiang of the Golden Navigation Biao on the Beidou Nine Questions and Nine Answers No. 6:

What kind of Beidou chips (modules) do you think will gain an advantage in market competition in the future?

To clarify this matter, let’s first briefly explain the characteristics of the GPS Beidou navigation and positioning chip (module) and the situation of competitors. The Beidou Satellite Navigation System (abbreviation: Beidou BDS), the US Global Positioning System (GPS), the Russian GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) and the EU Galileo Positioning System (Galileo) have similar technical paths, all of which are microwave radio frequencies. Technology coupled with real-time data computing capabilities to define products and markets according to application scenario usage requirements. The Beidou navigation and positioning module includes two parts: radio frequency chip and baseband chip. The functions of the GPS Beidou Galileo GLONASS chip module are compatible, including our golden navigation mark "kinghelm" and their paired GPS Beidou antennas. They are all compatible and interchangeable, and they can be used for hot switching between GPS and Beidou. Therefore, Beidou chips and other navigation chips are facing fierce homogeneous competition in the market. Beidou BDS has the advantage of being a latecomer in technology, and it also has a latecomer disadvantage in the market. If Beidou chips have market competitiveness and development, they must work hard in the following aspects:



Kinghelm Beidou GPS Navigation and Positioning Module Beidou GPS Antenna RF Cable Terminal


The industry with strict precision and high quality and Beidou's unique "Beidou short message" market are not very sensitive to price, and the profit is good, but the market volume is too small and the import process is too long. For example, for the products of Jinhangbiao (www.BDS666.com), the salt spray test of civil connector RF sockets and other products is generally 24 hours, while for Beidou B3 antenna customized connectors and terminals, the salt spray test requires at least 96 Hour. In the gold-plating process, high-purity gold should be used instead of chemical gold, and the metal layer on the gold-plated attachment surface should be thickened. Some Beidou navigation antennas have to undergo severe vibration tests, so the cost of the antenna will naturally go up.



Kinghelm non-standard customized Beidou B3 frequency point navigation antenna cable and other products

The competition between Beidou chips and GPS chips is mainly in the field of consumer goods without a moat above. The profit is thin but the volume is particularly large. The feature of the chip industry is that it speaks by volume. There are only a few domestic companies that still insist on making Beidou chips. Taidou Microelectronics and Zhongke Microelectronics are still working hard, but their main business goals have shifted. Huada Beidou is a rising star of Beidou chips and Beidou applications. Chips and other products are still improving, and Hunan Guoke Microelectronics is still working hard. To be honest, these country's most important weapons still need to rely on the national team at a critical time. In the picture below, these companies are promoting Beidou chips, but I have never seen a product in the market.

Domestic companies that carry out iterative research and development of Beidou chips

The current Beidou GPS domestic chip modules cannot compete with Swiss u-blox in the high-end market such as vehicle-grade, and u-blox's Beidou GPS chip module market share is far ahead. Consumer goods compete for cost-effectiveness and scale. Domestic Beidou chips cannot compete with Taiwan's MTK MediaTek and MediaTek's 2035 sets, which are in a monopoly position in small positioning trackers. In terms of mobile smart terminal products such as wearable mobile phones, Broadcom, Qualcomm, MTK, Spreadtrum, Qualcomm, and Huawei have integrated navigation functions on the core processor. Beidou GPS navigation and positioning is only a small function. The explosion of smart wearable products is just around the corner, and the navigation and positioning functions are essential, but the battery life, light weight, and perfect functions are the general trend, which requires Beidou GPS chips (modules) in qualification certification, small size, low Efforts have been made in power consumption, positioning accuracy, high integration, compatibility, stability, and ecological construction. The domestic Beidou GPS chip started relatively late, this is the best chance to catch up with the GPS chip!



Golden beacon kinghelm non-standard custom Beidou navigation antenna cable smp connector

Of course, Beidou BDS can also use its unique technology and specific application scenarios in China to compete with GPS in a differentiated way. In terms of differential, inertial navigation, high-precision RTK positioning, space-time position information, ground enhancement, automatic driving, Beidou short messages, and spatial position data, there is still a lot of room for incremental market. Shenzhen Tiangong Measurement and Control (www.skylab.com.cn) has done a better job in the Beidou module market.



The new product Type-c connector series of kinghelm company

The WeChat official account of "Beidou Expert" operated by Jinhangbiao Company is Beidou BDS Drum and Call, which achieves the purpose of disseminating Beidou technology and Beidou knowledge. It is hoped that the Beidou system can be used well BDS666. The website www.BDS666.com of the Golden Beacon has opened a column of "Beidou Experts", which includes the information of well-known experts in the Beidou industry, such as the academician Sun Jiadong, the Beidou master, Cao Chong, Yang Yuanxi, the Beidou goddess Xu Ying, etc. There are also related Beidou navigation and positioning technology analysis application product solutions, etc., and spare no effort to promote Beidou BDS. It is the mission of "Beidou experts" to tell Beidou stories well, Chinese stories well, and Chinese Beidou people's stories well. There are more people using Beidou, and the Beidou ecology has begun a virtuous cycle. Our Beidou BDS can be said to have won a steady victory.

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