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An Interview with Song Shiqiang from Slkor: what’s the origin of Slkor (1)

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Interviewee: Song Shiqiang, founder of Slkor


Topic: Development history of Slkor


Interviewer: Shenzhen Economic Daily


Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (Slkor) endeavors to explore the market of NEVs and solar photovoltaic products. As said by Song, “Despite the low demand of Sic MOS on NEVs market at present, Slkor shows a positive attitude towards the development space and market potential of NEVs. Furthermore, the technique of SiC power device manufacturing could also be applied to other new products. For Slkor, the translation of relevant techniques also yields good effect. SiC MOS tube’s market prospect in solar voltage, inverter, charging pile, vehicle-mounted charger, electric motorcycle and high-power wireless charging is huge. These markets pose lower requirements than that of NEVs market but the market potential is large. The 3rd generation of semiconductor GaN belongs to the same type with SiC, and it sells well in RF switch and fast charging markets with a promising development prospect.


Mr. Song gave his answer to 11 questions about Slkor’s development history when having an interview with the senior journalist Huang Qingshan from Shenzhen Economic Daily several days ago.


Song Shiqing, founder of Slkor


I. Could you tell us why you decided to set up Slkor?


Answer: I set up Slkor company and built “Slkor” brand by chance. As first batch of professional managers in China’s real estate industry, I witnessed real estate’s golden period of 15 years. I came across semiconductor several years ago when I was in the saturated real estate industry.In my opinions, real estate industry means building houses on lands while semiconductor means development on silicon wafer. In era of information, semiconductor is actually the basic production material of information and intelligence and integrated circuit will become another hotspot following real estate industry. I often tell my classmates of Tsinghua University that I will devote myself to China’s integrated circuit now, as our real estate industry has reached its peak.


I have established Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd.a company that develops Beidou GPS antenna connector of “Kinghelm” brand in 2014. One day when I met with my schoolmate in senior grade, who worked at BYD, we came across R & D team of Yonsei University and the team was developing the 3rd semiconductor SiC MOS. With a highest voltage of 1,200V and current 80A, the product takes the lead in the world in its technical indicators and is under the same level with US CREE in terms of electrical data and Japan’s ROHM after testing in BYD NEV. They hoped to entrust me to publicize SiC MOS in China. Through negotiation, I set up Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. with registered trademark of “Slkor” to publicize SiC MOS and SiC SBD tubes. Here “S” and “L” of Slkor come from the first letter of my English name Smith and their chief scientist’s name Leon and “kor” shows our respect to partners from South Korea. Sincerity and integrity in course of cooperation helps yield good performance! Slkor also operates a WeChat public account of “SiC experts” to spread news and information of SiC industry and SiC technique, attract more people’s attention to materials of SiC and GaN and their market application and welcome the development of 3rd semiconductor! Also, we use the account to publicize our “Slkor” brand.


Believing in Buddhism and Karma, I founded Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. and “Slkor” brand. I always try my best in everything, as long as I set my mind to it. Therefore I endeavor to make Slkor a leading company in domestic power device industry. Our team has indulged in SiC power devices industry over the past 7 or 8 years since 2014. With change of development trend in recent years, most of our businesses such as operation, R & D, production and sales have been carried out in China, achieving “domestication”, but we still keep a friendly cooperation with our founder team in Korea!


Investment in semiconductor and Slkor brand really requires a large amount of investment, a long period and no return at the very beginning. We must concentrate on one thing, if we want to be successful. It was painful in the early stage but we believed in ourselves and that we would have fewer rivals along our further development, because many companies would quit later. This is my experience from Slkor’s management and the core of our development. It’s important to arrange top-level design, market prospect analysis and product line layout well in advance. We paid a lot of efforts in R & D and production of semiconductor at the beginning but as our resources become much better, after we deeply explore brand, product and market.


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