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An Interview with Song Shiqiang from Slkor: How does Slkor realize a soaring sales volume? (5)

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Interviewee: Song Shiqiang, founder of Slkor


Topic: Development history of Slkor


Interviewer: Shenzhen Economic Daily


Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (Slkor) endeavors to explore the market of NEVs and solar photovoltaic products. As said by Song, “Despite the low demand of Sic MOS on NEVs market at present, Slkorshows a positive attitude towards the development space and market potential of NEVs. Furthermore, the technique of SiC power device manufacturing could also be applied to other new products. For Slkor, the translation of relevant techniques also yields good effect. SiC MOS tube’s market prospect in solar voltage, inverter, charging pile, vehicle-mounted charger, electric motorcycle and high-power wireless charging is huge. These markets pose lower requirements than that of NEVs market but the market potential is large. The 3rd generation of semiconductor GaN belongs to the same type with SiC, and it sells well in RF switch and fast charging markets with a promising development prospect.


Mr. Song gave his answer to 11 questions about Slkor’s development history when having an interview with the senior journalist Huang Qingshan from Shenzhen Economic Daily several days ago.


Song Shiqiang, founder of Slkor


Q5: You have achieved a soaring sales volume in recent years. could you please share us some of reasons? (You can introduce your most popular product as well)


A: Instead of the so-called sales volume this year, I’d rather say our sales volume in previous years was very bad. Slkor is new brand, so it takes a long time to realize customer acceptance and qualification certification. The reason why sales volume this year is better is that we have laid solid foundation in early stage. We have paid much attention to internal construction of brand, team, channel, product variety and adaptability of series of products, customer emotional relationship and customer service over the past years, regardless of the changes of external environment. We will strengthen our customer satisfaction, internal procedures and risk management along with our constant development.


Slkor stands out in online publicity and online store sales and this actually intensifies our further development. Slkor has become a popular brand so it provides me an opportunity to publicize Slkor in power device industry. Keywords of our website (www.slkormicro.com) such as MOS of high, middle and low voltage, silicon controlled rectifier (SCR), bridge rectifier, Hall sensor, high-speed optocoupler, Schottky diode, ESD electrostatic protection diode and TVS transient suppression diode have been listed on the homepage of Baidu. Collection volume of these keywords in Bing and Google has also reached 100,000. The above situation could help new customers know us and old customers trust us and know that Slkor is committed to maintaining its steady development. Slkor’s online sales performance of electronic components is also excellent. Our products are available at the online platforms such aswww.szlcsc.com,www.huaqiuchip.com, ICkey.cn, b2b.baidu.com, Wlxmall.com, allchips.com, oneyac.com, www.hqew.com,www.ic.net.cn,www.Ichunt.com,www.sekorm.com, jbchip.com so both engineers and terminal customers could choose our products easier.


Slkor has launched hundreds of types of products and new product samples in a small batch and opened image store in Huaqiang North Commercial Area. Our store is managed by Mr. Huang, our senior employee, so that we could deliver our products to engineers and customers most accurately and quickly.


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