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An Interview with Song Shiqiang from Slkor: What are advantages and application of Slkor products? (3)

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Interviewee: Song Shiqiang, founder of Slkor


Topic: Development history of Slkor


Interviewer: Shenzhen Economic Daily


Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (Slkor) endeavors to explore the market of NEVs and solar photovoltaic products. As said by Song, “Despite the low demand of Sic MOS on NEVs market at present, Slkor shows a positive attitude towards the development space and market potential of NEVs. Furthermore, the technique of SiC power device manufacturing could also be applied to other new products. For Slkor, the translation of relevant techniques also yields good effect. SiC MOS tube’s market prospect in solar voltage, inverter, charging pile, vehicle-mounted charger, electric motorcycle and high-power wireless charging is huge. These markets pose lower requirements than that of NEVs market but the market potential is large. The 3rd generation of semiconductor GaN belongs to the same type with SiC, and it sells well in RF switch and fast charging markets with a promising development prospect.


Mr. Song gave his answer to 11 questions about Slkor’s development history when having an interview with the senior journalist Huang Qingshan from Shenzhen Economic Daily several days ago.

Slkor’s Hall sensor SLSS39E


Q3: Would you please introduce Slkor’s main product lines, product advantages, application market and your R & D team?


A: I made market survey and industrial research of power devices and MOS upon Slkor’s establishment. I consulted a lot of materials at home and abroad and even drew complicated and delicate mind map and built a data model. This is actually not the simple SWOT analysis. The conclusion that I made at that time isthat that no a big difference between China and other countries in terms of power devices. The requirements for the equipment of wafer foundries and package and test factories are not high and lithography machine below 40 nanometers can be used instead. China has a market capacity of around RMB 1 trillion. At that time, domestication of power devices was relatively high and foreign advanced technology could be introduced and transferred easily. It actually complies with Slkor’s technology roadmap requirements of “Independence and controllability”. After considering its promising future, Iwas determined to invest semiconductor power devices by selling my several apartments.


At first, Slkor focused on power devices. With years of efforts and R & D, Slkor has enriched its product lines, including MOS of high, middle and low voltage, Super junction FET COOLMOS,silicon controlled rectifier (SCR), bridge rectifier, high power IGBT tube as well as products such as SiC FE and SiC MOS widely used in military and high-end industrial market! Slkor products applicable to industrial and military products at present: SiC diodes, SiC MOS and IGBT, which are widely applied in new energy vehicles (NEVs), communication devices, power equipment, solar photovoltaic, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and medical devices; civilian and consumer products include: silicon controlled rectifier (SCR),bridge rectifier, MOS of high, middle and low-voltage, Hall sensor, high-speed optocoupler, Schottky diode, ESD electrostatic protection diode, TVS transient suppression diode, general diode and transistors, power management IC, all of which are widely appliedinsmartphone, laptop, smart appliance, LED lighting and 3C digital product. We will provide more products with high quality products and service them better.


Slkor’s R & D team was established in Korea, which consists of a scientist from Yonsei University, his several studentsand several senior engineers we recruited from other world’s famous companies in the industry. With a rapid development speed, Slkor has set up its R & D team of power management chips in China, and will receive more and mature IP cores with independent IPRs. We will also have more technical knowledge. For the purpose of long-term sustainable development, Slkor has arranged its technical layout and product development plan for the coming 5-10 years already. The word “silent accumulation” could best describe the characteristic of Slkor, and patience is the premise of our success of undertaking. We need to finish a lot of preparatory work in the early stage to ensure the comprehensive development of Slkor’s products and to enhance the reputation of “Slkor” brand. Mass production has been realized for Slkor’s Hall sensor chip, power management IC well matched with FET is under R & D and small batch of supply for some models have been realized in client.

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