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An Interview with Song Shiqiang from Slkor: Development history and enterprise positioning (2)

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Interviewee: Song Shiqiang, founder of Slkor


Topic: Development history of Slkor


Interviewer: Shenzhen Economic Daily


Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (Slkor) is targeted at NEV and solar photovoltaic markets. As said by its founder Mr. Song, “Despite the low demand of SiC MOS on NEVs market at present, Slkor shows a positive attitude towards the development space and market potential of NEVs. Furthermore, the technique of SiC power device manufacturing could also be applied to other new products. For Slkor, the translation of relevant techniques also yields good effect. SiC MOS tube’s market prospect in solar voltage, inverter, charging pile, vehicle-mounted charger, electric motorcycle and high-power wireless charging is huge. These markets pose lower requirements than that of NEVs market but the market potential is large. The 3rd generation of semiconductor GaN belongs to the same type with SiC, and it sells well in RF switch and fast charging markets witha promising development prospect.”


Song Shiqiang gave his answer to 11 questions about Slkor’s development history when having an interview with the senior journalist Huang Qingshan from Shenzhen Economic Daily several days ago.


Song Shiqiang, GM of Slkor in the interview


Q2: Can you share with us Slkor’s development history and enterprise positioning? (such as difficulties and achievements in the process)


A: We had a total of 8 models of Slkor SiC field-effect tubes at the very beginning, including 4 models of SiC MOS tube and 4 models of SiC diodes. They are the core components of motor drive in NEVs and high-end solar photovoltaic inverters. They have the following features: Small market demand, high technological requirements, and long testing and certification cycle. Slkor could not only grasp SiC technologies but also cultivated our strengths by using the customer base from Kinghelm, such as some front loading automobile factories. We didn’t have perfect ecological layout of semiconductor industry, high customer’s acceptance, competent sales team, good downstream channel and operation team so we didn’t earn money in the first several years, making it very difficult to realize development. Fortunately, I had several houses in Shenzhen and I sold them to run my business in semiconductor industry.


Slkor adjusted its strategies in products and sales in 2017 and developed MOS, and IGBT tubes for frequency changer and clean energy, silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) and Hall elements on launch by the basic technique of SiC power device and our perfect supply chain and team. We launched some products with a low technical content to increase our sales volume and also enhance the popularity of our brand “Slkor”. We found the positioning of our products and “Slkor” brand after rounds of exchange with customers and based on the latest market trend. Our sales volume became better since then. Slkor gradually enriched its semiconductor products, including SiC diodes, SiC MOS tube and IGBT tube for NEVs, communication equipment, electrical equipment, solar photovoltaic, UPS power supply and medical devices; our civilian consumer products include silicon controlled rectifier (SCR), bridge rectifiers, MOS of high, medium and low voltage, HALL sensor, high-speed optocoupler, Schottky diode, ESD electrostatic protection diode, TVS transient suppression diode, general diode and transistors, power management chip. They are used in many different fields such as smartphone, laptop, intelligent robot, smart home, LED lighting, and 3C digital product. We will launch more products and provide better services for our customers.


After years of efforts, Slkor high-end SiC MOS and IGBT tubes for auto and industrial level are ordered by customers in a small batch. But this is our strategic target and we will stick to it, regardless of the slow progress. The other product commonly used in consumer market is MOS. It speeded up our progress of “domestication”. Some of our best-selling products can replace the power devices from TI, ON, AOS and TOSHIBA. Our sales volume increased by 40% every quarter this year. We feel happy about it.


Despite our progress this year, we will make progress further and realize our initial purpose of a competitive power device supplier in domestic market. We hope to become an enterprise with certain influence in the world, serve China and contribute to the whole world.


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