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Brand Ideas of Song Shiqiang from Slkor (3)

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Slkor’s GM Song Shiqiang always believes marketing is the most important thing of all for a company. He once quoted the words from Ye Maozhong: The essence of marketing is to discover demands and then meet them. Demands emerge when supply and demand are no longer balanced. With conflict, we will design solutions and invent new products and with products, we must sell them. Productscould resolve short-term conflict, while brand could resolve long-term one. Thus, since the founding of Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. & Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd., Mr. Song has always stressed brand building of “Slkor” and “Kinghelm”!



Vision of Slkor “Leader of Domestic Semiconductor”


        III. Brand means loyalty and trust

Brand could comfort our soul and is a harbor of our heart. It also means trust for the brand owner and story. Brand can touch people and our most gentle inner heart and bring us a chance to recollect what happened long before.

Those American soldiers fighting overseas in the WWII lived in fear and trembling and felt depressed but they became very much joyous soon after noticing a Coke Cola brand. I can’t image how happy they would be, if they could drink a tiny drop of Coke Cola that they grew up with. I used to talk with a senior engineer responsible for construction of military industry in third-tier region in Mianyang City. He said the happiest thing for the youths like him coming from Beijing or Shanghai was receiving a package of HATAMEN cigarettes in 1960s when the traffic was inconvenient. Smoking HATAMEN cigarettes, he could seemingly find home and see his mother busying in the kitchen in the smoke so as to ease their homesickness.

Overseas Chinese feel they are close to their country, when using Huawei mobile phone, Haier refrigerator and Lenovo laptop there, and particularly when they met some troubles. The feeling may be similar to holding a passport in hands in the movie Wolf Warriors.



Publicity picture from Kinghelm’s official website (www.bds666.com)


Trust on brand can be best interpreted as below: When a customer has doubts and worries about a new product, he/she will naturally choose the product he/she used before, or a famous brand or a brand with a long history. This means trust on brand. Everyone has bottom line thinking. With this, customers believe these famous will control quality, and have established perfect quality system, management system and supply chain. Buying a product from an old or famous brand could minimize our risks. We may comfort ourselves like this: We can be rest assured by buying their products, although the price is higher!

An older brother in Huaqiang North once told me, he used to drive Porsche and decided to buy an electric car last year. But as Porsche didn’t have such a model then, he decided to use the car continuously until Porsche launched electric cars. This actually means preference for brand and his loyalty for Porsche. That is actually the most valuable connotation of Porsche.



Song Shiqiang, GM of Slkor and Kinghelm



After years of painstaking efforts, Kinghelm (www.bds666.com) and Slkor (www.slkormicro.com) have yielded certain achievements ofproduct “domestication”. In 2022, Mr. Song will lead his team to build the corporate culture of Kinghelm and Slkor with efforts. Kinghelm and Slkor take “integrity”, “progress”, “toughness” and “detail” as their code of conduct and create a team with wolf spirit by highlighting integrity, progress, perseverance and emphasis on details. Slkor(www.slkormicro.com) has always been active in realizing “domestication”. For instance, its SL series products could replace brands such as TI, ON, IR, Epson, and NXP; its drive IC, SL27511 (SOT-23) can replace TI’s UCC27511DBVR; its drive IC, SL27525 (SOP-8) can replace TI’s UCC27525D; its drive IC, SL8402 (SOT-223) can replace ON’s NCV8402; its drive ICSSL27523 (SOP-8) can replace TI’s UCC27523; its Led drive IC, SL4139 (SOT-23) can replace ON’s CAT4139; its Led drive IC, SL401 (SOT-23) can replace IR’s BCR401; its power electronic switching SL3405G can replace IR’s BTS3405G; its clock chip SL8025T (SOP-14) can replace Epson’s RX-8025T; its clock chip SL8563T (SOP-8) can replace NXP’s PCF8563. The perfect combination of Slkor’s products and Kinghelm’s connectors suck as antenna connector (www.bds666.com) can provide all-round experience for customers! Kinghelm’s connectors and terminals can replace B2B-XH-A and B4B-PH-K-S of JST, A2001WV-2P and A2001WV-3P of CJT, and te640445-2, te640445-6 and 640388-3 of TE; its KH- (2400) -J505-JB and KH3216-A35 can replace HX-MH2604P and HX-AUST007 of Harxon; its pressure welding terminal can replace 430300001 and 39000038 of Molex, HX-CH7005A and A2012-TP of Changjiang and other products, bringing customers all-round experience and services!




About the author

On top of being a private economic researcher of the Economic Development Center of the State Council, Song Shiqiang is also a member of the electronic information expert database of China Association for Science and Technology, and a commercial research expert of Huaqiang North. Mr. Song was the former CEO of an international real estate listed company. He has invested and managed a list of companies such as Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd., building the "Slkor" and "Kinghelm" brands. Both "Slkor" and "Kinghelm" are national high-tech companies and they have obtained dozens of invention patents and software copyrights. In addition, Slkor is one of the fastest-growing semiconductor companies in China, and its vision is to become "the leader of the domestic semiconductor manufacturing industry".

 "Kinghelm Connecting Beidou" is the slogan of Kinghelm company. Beginning from the development of Beidou antenna, Kinghelm has developed and produced microwave antenna, RF connection line and electrical signal connector and other products, embracing the intelligent era for Internet of Everything.  Song Shiqiang has a wide reputation and influence in the semiconductor, Beidou positioning and navigation industry. As one of the renowned business leaders in Huaqiang North Commercial Area of Shenzhen, Mr. Song is striving to make his best efforts to improve the business environment, hoping that Huaqiang North will become a catalyst for reform and opening the window of Shenzhen's economic development.

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