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Brand Ideas of Song Shiqiang from Slkor (4)

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Slkor’s GM Song Shiqiang (www.slkormicro.com) always believes marketing is the most important thing of all for a company. He once quoted the words from Ye Maozhong: The essence of marketing is to discover demands. Demands emerge when supply and demand are no longer balanced. With conflict, we will design solutions and invent new products and with products, we must sell them. Products could resolve short-term conflict, while brand could resolve long-term one. Everything is easier after building a brand. Thus, since the founding of Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. & Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd., Mr. Song has always stressed brand building of “Slkor” and “Kinghelm”


Song Shiqiang, GM of “Kinghelm” and “Slkor”


IV. Brand means historical inheritance and accumulation

The film Titanic which is very popular in 1990s starts with a suitcase fished out of the bottom of sea, which belongs to Ms. Ross. The brand of the suitcase is from the very famous brand LouisVuitton. Despite its immersion at the bottom of sea for several decades, its brand logo, classic color and pattern are still clear, which advertises for its durable and well-made quality and its remaining special charm appears vividly. The soft ads and brand placement of LV can be said much better than our brand “Slkor” (www.slkormicro.com) and “Kinghelm” (www.bds666.com), both of which are purposefully associated with Huaqiang North.

   Another example is “National Pits 1573” --- a high-end brand of Luzhou Old Cellar and a kind of famous liquor from Sichuan Province. According to its publicity, the pits are still well stored since 1573. The ads of “Originated from Tang Dynasty Palace, Jiannanchun, the liquor of the age” that it made in these times when we just had TVs at home are still vivid in my mind. Its curvy appearance of crystal bottle imitates maidens with plump and sumptuous shape in Dang Dynasty. Jiannanchun’s ads are purposefully associated with Dang Dynasty. I think it is much better than that of Luzhou Old Cellar. With excellent ads, brands of “National Pits 1573” and “Jiannanchun” stand out and their price and sales volume must be undoubtedly high.



    The French-based Hennessy wine has opened its franchise store in Champs Elysees, Pairs. According to its publicity, the brand has a long history of over 150 years. I experienced the top wine Louis XIII in person for several times. It was said it contains some base liquor and water from times of Louis XIII, reminding the glory of French nation at that time. The brand of “Daoguang 25”, a kind of famous Chinese liquor unearthed in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, was originated from “alcohol container” unearthed in twenty five years of Emperor Daoguang. Now, it has been stored in the Palace Museum as the only liquid cultural relics.

    For instance, auto industry generally has a short history. The black horse on the logo of Porsche and Ferrari could best interpret their family logo and auto history. I believe the horse will pass on from generation to generation along with the development of auto!

     As time goes by, we may forget many figures and stories but good brand will stand out. They need tasting and appreciating with our heart and knowledge. Classic brands must be inherited because they are elaborate works and our social wealth through accumulation for a long period of time!




Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. has established a team, whose technical backbones were graduated from Tsinghua University or Yonsei University. They lead company development with new materials and new technology, and master the world’s leading 3rd generation technology of semiconductor SiC power devices. Slkor’s products include three major series of integrated circuits, including diodes and transistors, power devices and power management chips. Slkor has developed into a high-tech enterprise integrated with design and R& D, manufacturing and sales from an IP design company alone and has gained a high popularity in semiconductor industry. Our official website not only displays our products and publicizes the company but also facilitates technology exchange, collision of ideas, information exchange and data query, making it a platform for the coordinated development of semiconductor industry.


Slkor could supply a variety of industrial and military products, including: SiC diodes, SiC MOS tube, IGBT tube and the 5th generation ultra-fast recovery power diode, all of which could meet demands for high-performance products of industries such as new energy vehicles (NEVs), high-end equipment, communication and power equipment, solar photovoltaic and medical devices; our high, middle and low MOS tubes, silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR) and bridge rectifiers are used for civil consumption field. Schottky diodes, ESD static protection diodes, TVS transient suppression diodes, general diodes and transistors, power management chip, Hall sensors, high-speed optocouplers, etc. have been extensively applied to smartphones, laptops, smart home, IoT, IoV, LED lighting, 3C digital product, etc. We will launch more digital and analog integrated circuit products and provide customers with more professional and comprehensive services.


By following the corporateculture of “Integrity, Progress, Toughness and Detail”, Slkor upholds the principle of sincerity and perseverance and focuses on details in a down-to-earth manner. We also address corporate ethics and cooperative and win-win development to promote recognition and reputation of “Slkor” brand and create values for our employee, customer and society. We seek steady innovation in technology, focus on details in management, strive for perfection in quality, and stick to market-oriented and customer-based strategy to advance development progressively. Taking advantage of “domestication” and embracing the mission to rejuvenate chip and the nation, Slkor has been determined to “become the leader of domestic semiconductor industry” and make contributions to China’s chip and national rejuvenation!


Slkor’s power management chip (SL197-1)


         Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd., whose technical elites are from Tsinghua University in China and Yonsei University in South Korea, masters the international leading third generation semiconductor technology of SiC power device, therefore there factors made the company: new materials, new technology and new products. Slkor’s products can be divided into three major IC series: diode and triode, power device, and power management chip. Slkor has developed from a single IP design company into a national high-tech enterprise covering the design, R&D, production and sales service, now "Slkor" Its brand is gaining good reputation in the semiconductor industry. And its official website has gradually become one of the most important platform for collaborative development of the semiconductor industry , which not only promotes Slkor’s products and publicizes "Slkor" brand, but also carries out the industrial technology and information exchange, collision of ideas, and data query, etc.

          Products of Slkor are increasingly abundant, which can be applied to the industrial and military field, including SiC diode, SiC MOSFET, IGBT, the 5th generation ultra fast recovery power diode, etc., which can meet the needs of high-performance products in these fields, such as new energy vehicle, high-end equipment, communication & electric power equipment, solar photovoltaic and medical equipment and so on. Consumer products include high and low voltage MOS, SCR, rectifier bridge, Schottky diode, ESD protection diode, TVS diode, general-purpose diode and triode, power management ICs, Hall sensor, high-speed optical couplers , etc., which are widely applied to smart phones, laptops, intelligent robots, smart home appliances, IoT and IoV, LED lighting, 3C digital products and other fields. Slkor will launch more digital and analog IC products in order to provide more professional and comprehensive service for customers. 

           Not only does Slkor revolve around its corporate culture consisting of “integrity, progress, tenacity, and detail”, but also it adheres to the principle which can be defined as “sincerity, progression, perseverance, and meticulousness”. In addition, Slkor attaches importance to corporate ethics, advocates mutual development as well as win-win cooperation, and constantly promotes the brand awareness and reputation of "Slkor" to create value for employees, customers and the society. Slkor strives for innovation and stability in technology, pays close attention to details in management, focuses on excellence in quality, takes market oriented and customer’s satisfaction as the result, and forges ahead with determination and sustainable development. By means of the east wind of "domestic substitution" and with the mission of strengthening the semiconductor industry and the country, Slkor is determined to become "the leader of the domestic semiconductor industry" and contribute to the strength of China’s semiconductor industry and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Slkor’s SCR (BT261-800B)


The power devices such as silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR) and bridge rectifiers of Slkor(www.slkormicro.com) are the best-selling products in szlcsc.com upon their launch. With full range of models and wide coverage, our SL series SCR products (BTA06-800B,BTA08-800B,BTA12-600B,BTA16-800B,BTA24-800B,BTA26-800B,BTA41-800B,BTA41-1200B,BT136S-800E,BT137S-800E and BT138S-800E) as well as popular models of Slkor(AMS1117-3.3, AMS1117-5.0, SS34, SS36, SS8050, SS8850, BTA54C, LL4148, SMAJ5.0A, SMAJ24A, MMBZ18VAL and ESDR0524P) are widely applied in smart small household electrical appliances, high-speed hair dryer, dishwasher, electric toothbrush, hair curler, smart toilet and other industrial control devices.

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