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Brand Ideas of Song Shiqiang from Slkor (5)

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GM Song Shiqiang of Slkor(www.slkormicro.com) considers that brand exerts significant influence on business operation and social development! Here’re the details. In a word, brand makes life better!



Song Shiqiang, GM of Slkor and Kinghelm


V. Transform a generalbrand into a famousone


Brand is so magic, as it can turn mediocrity into miracle, and transform a general brand into a famous one. Once described using the most popular words, a good brand can empower product. And in my words, “brand yields both fame and money”. “Grafting” is a technique derived from fruit cultivation. The grafting of products with a famous brandor celebrity will yield tremendous energy in the market, bringing considerable benefits to both sides. The hearsay that accountant Jia (JiaYueting) would return home next week to repay his debts is definitely an “Eco Chemistry”.

A pair of chopsticks, used in the state banquet of The US President Nixon's visit to China, was collected by Zhao Zhongxiang, the host of CCTV. The chopsticks are much more valuable than the general ones. By associating with “Leica”, a Germany-based optical lens giant and then “Prosche”, an Italy-based sports car brand, Huawei directly enhanced its brand popularity at last. At the beginning when Huawei started to explore the mobile phone market, it tried to associate with “Leica” and “Porsche”, both of which are the top brands in their fields with a history of several decades or even a century and finally, Huawei Porsche mobile phones designed with Leica lens were sold out in Huaqiang North Commercial Area. A businesswoman in Huaqiang North once wanted to buy a latest Huawei mobile phone as a gift, and I helped her order one successfully. With its leading technology and strong brand operation ability, Huawei has created a classic case of brand grafting and cooperation.

Michael Jordan, king of basketball, and Nike, the sportswear brand made each other better. Jordan fought for victory on basketball one after another and won championship countless trophies. By following the step of Jordan, Nike launched Jordan basketball shoes of different series with a big number of fans. Jordan from basketball field and Nike in business circle made money together. Pepsi Cola followed Coca Cola step by step in American carbonated beverage market, only to end with nothing. In the 1980s, rock musician Michael Jackson appeared all of a sudden, and Pepsi Cola then started to cooperate with him. Jackson finally became king of rock and roll, while Pepsi Cola successfully occupied a share of Coca Cola's market share and mastered the market of the new generation in the US. Those are typical examples of successful cooperation.




(To be continued)


Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd.has established a team, whose technical backbones were graduated from Tsinghua University or Yonsei University. They lead company development with new materials and new technology, and master the world’s leading 3rd generation technology of semiconductor SiC power devices. Slkor’s products include three major series of integrated circuits, including diodes and transistors, power devices and power management chips. Slkor has developed into a high-tech enterprise integrated with design and R& D, manufacturing and sales from an IP design company alone and has gained a high popularity in semiconductor industry. Our official website not only displays our products and publicizes the company but also facilitates technology exchange, collision of ideas, information exchange and data query, making it a platform for the coordinated development of semiconductor industry.



Slkor’s Corporate Culture: “Integrity” ()


Slkor could supply a variety of industrial and military products, including: SiC diodes, SiC MOS tube, IGBT tube and the 5th generation ultra-fast recovery power diode, all of which could meet demands for high-performance products of industries such as new energy vehicles (NEVs), high-end equipment, communication and power equipment, solar photovoltaic and medical devices; our high, middle and low MOS tubes, silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR) and bridge rectifiers are used for civil consumption field. Schottky diodes, ESD static protection diodes, TVS transient suppression diodes, general diodes and transistors, power management chip, Hall sensors, high-speed optocouplers, etc. have been extensively applied to smartphones, laptops, smart home, IoT, IoV, LED lighting, 3C digital product, etc. We will launch more digital and analog integrated circuit products and provide customers with more professional and comprehensive services.


Slkor’s Corporate Culture: “Progress” ()


By following the corporate culture of “Integrity, Progress, Toughness and Detail”, Slkor upholds the principle of sincerity and perseverance and focuses on details in a down-to-earth manner. We also addresscorporate ethics and cooperative and win-win development to promote recognition and reputation of “Slkor” brand and create values for our employee, customer and society. We seek steady innovation in technology, focus on details in management, strive for perfection in quality, and stick to market-oriented and customer-based strategy to advance development progressively. Taking advantage of “domestication” and embracing the mission to rejuvenate chip and the nation, Slkor has been determined to “become the leader of domestic semiconductor industry” and make contributions to China’s chip and national rejuvenation!

      Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd., whose technical elites are from Tsinghua University in China and Yonsei University in South Korea, masters the international leading third generation semiconductor technology of SiC power device, therefore there factors made the company: new materials, new technology and new products. Slkor’s products can be divided into three major IC series: diode and triode, power device, and power management chip. Slkor has developed from a single IP design company into a national high-tech enterprise covering the design, R&D, production and sales service, now "Slkor" Its brand is gaining good reputation in the semiconductor industry. And its official website has gradually become one of the most important platform for collaborative development of the semiconductor industry , which not only promotes Slkor’s products and publicizes "Slkor" brand, but also carries out the industrial technology and information exchange, collision of ideas, and data query, etc.

       Products of Slkor are increasingly abundant, which can be applied to the industrial and military field, including SiC diode, SiC MOSFET, IGBT, the 5th generation ultra fast recovery power diode, etc., which can meet the needs of high-performance products in these fields, such as new energy vehicle, high-end equipment, communication & electric power equipment, solar photovoltaic and medical equipment and so on. Consumer products include high and low voltage MOS, SCR, rectifier bridge, Schottky diode, ESD protection diode, TVS diode, general-purpose diode and triode, power management ICs, Hall sensor, high-speed optical couplers , etc., which are widely applied to smart phones, laptops, intelligent robots, smart home appliances, IoT and IoV, LED lighting, 3C digital products and other fields. Slkor will launch more digital and analog IC products in order to provide more professional and comprehensive service for customers. 

        Not only does Slkor revolve around its corporate culture consisting of “integrity, progress, tenacity, and detail”, but also it adheres to the principle which can be defined as “sincerity, progression, perseverance, and meticulousness”. In addition, Slkor attaches importance to corporate ethics, advocates mutual development as well as win-win cooperation, and constantly promotes the brand awareness and reputation of "Slkor" to create value for employees, customers and the society. Slkor strives for innovation and stability in technology, pays close attention to details in management, focuses on excellence in quality, takes market oriented and customer’s satisfaction as the result, and forges ahead with determination and sustainable development. By means of the east wind of "domestic substitution" and with the mission of strengthening the semiconductor industry and the country, Slkor is determined to become "the leader of the domestic semiconductor industry" and contribute to the strength of China’s semiconductor industry and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.



Slkor’s SCR ((silicon controlled rectifier) BT261-800B

Kinghelm’s connectors can replace B2B-XH-A, B3B-XH-A, B4B-XH-A, B2B-PH-K-S and B4B-PH-K-S of JST, A2001WV-2P, A2001WV-3P, A2001WV-4P, A2001WV-5P and A2001WR-4P of CJT, and te640445-2, te640445-3, te640445-5, te640445-6 and te640388-3 of TE; its KH- (2400) -J505-JB and KH3216-A35 can replace HX-MH2604P, HX-AUST007, HX-AUST002 and HX-CH7005A of Harxon; its connector KH-AF90DIP-112, KH-TYPE-C-16P, KH-MICRO5P-ZH, KH-XH-2A-2, KH-XH-PT.TJC3 and KH-XH-2A-2 can replace ECT818000157, ECT818000251, ECT818000500, ECT818000417, ECT818000531, and ECT818000276 of ECT, 473521001and A1001WR-S-2X08PD01 of Amphenol, 473460001, 1050170001, 472192001, 5033981892, 670688000 and 530470310 of Molex, B2B-XH-A, B4B-XH-A, B4B-PH-K-S, B6B-XH-A and B5B-XH-A of JST and A2541HWV, A2501WV, A2001WV, A3963WV, A2541WV and A2501WV of CJT; its pressure welding terminal can replace430300001, 39000038, 430310001, 502128000 and 39000040 of Molex, HX-CH7005A, A2012-TP, A2006-TP, A1251-TP, A2001-TP and A2008-TP-A of Changjiang and 1123343-1, 1670146-1, 282109-1, 1-104480-3 and 964269-2 of TE.

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