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35 supply chain manufacturers follow TSMC's investment in Japan (Part Three)

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Transport Layer

9. The domestic operator's NR-NTN Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite laboratory simulation has been successfully verified, which supports mobile satellite broadband services

On September 6th, Caixin reported that China Mobile, together with ZTE and Inmarsat, has completed the domestic operator's first NR-NTN Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite laboratory simulation, which supports mobile satellite broadband services.

The verification test uses the 3GPP R17 NR-NTN international standard and successfully verifies the technical feasibility of mobile phones connecting directly to LEO satellites under two basic networking modes of NR-NTN transparent forwarding and regenerative satellite, achieving end-to-end full-link connectivity and data transmission verification. As an integrated technology for space-air-ground fusion evolution, NR-NTN is regarded as a future-oriented mobile direct broadband satellite technology.

Application Layer

10. China's smart driving solutions are accelerating their presence in the overseas market

On September 7th, Securities Daily reported that the 2023 International Motor Show Germany (IAA) and Intelligent Mobility took place in Munich, Germany. According to data, over 50 Chinese companies participated in the Munich Auto Show, which is twice the number of the previous edition. It is worth mentioning that at this year's event, many intelligent driving-related companies such as Momenta, Hesai Technology, and QZSS mentioned their plans for overseas expansion.

Industry insiders believe that the scale of China's automobile export market is rapidly growing, and its technological advantages and brand influence are constantly improving. The Chinese automotive industry is transitioning from being a major automobile country to becoming an automotive powerhouse, and we will see more and more Chinese brands in the international automotive market. On the opening day, Momenta CEO Zhou Guang announced that the company is preparing for international expansion, with Germany being the first destination. Hesai Technology, a provider of high-definition long-range LiDAR, showcased its AT128 LiDAR at the Munich Auto Show, which has already been integrated into multiple production vehicles and is available for sale in Germany and Norway.

New Product Launch

11. Tencent's MixNet model officially debuts

On September 7th, Netease Technology reported that Tencent's MixNet model officially debuted and announced its availability for external use through Tencent Cloud. The MixNet model is a general-purpose large language model developed by Tencent, with the ability to create Chinese text, perform logical reasoning in complex contexts, and execute tasks reliably.

Currently, Tencent has already integrated over 50 Tencent businesses and products, including Tencent Cloud, Tencent Advertising, Tencent Games, Tencent Financial Technology, Tencent Meeting, Tencent Documents, WeChat Search, and more, with the testing of Tencent's MixNet model, achieving preliminary results. Jiang Jie, Vice President of Tencent, stated, "Our goal in developing large models is not to achieve high scores in evaluations but to apply the technology to real-world scenarios. Tencent will fully embrace large models."

12. Baichuan Intelligence releases Baichuan 2 models

Translation: According to the "Science and Innovation Board Daily" on September 6th, Baichuan Intelligence announced the official open source of the fine-tuned Baichuan 2-7B, Baichuan 2-13B, Baichuan 2-13B-Chat, and their 4-bit quantized versions, all of which are free for commercial use.

It is understood that the Baichuan 2-7B-Base and Baichuan 2-13B-Base models are based on training with 26 trillion high-quality multilingual data. Compared to the previous generation models, they have improved capabilities in mathematics, code, security, logical reasoning, semantic understanding, etc. In evaluation benchmarks such as MMLU, CMMLU, GSM8K, they outperform competing models of the same size, such as LLaMA2.

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